Friday, June 13, 2008

My Blog's Concept

I just thought about this because as I looked at my blog, I noticed that my concepts are sooo not related with each other. Like, what's with "The Mind's Fortress" title? (See? I even had to ask myself...) And then there's the "Opus" and "Andante" thing.

So, let me explain. "The Mind's Fortress" is inspired from one of John Saul's works entitled "Shadows". It was about artificial intelligence but in a whole new level. From what I understand of artificial intelligence, it's basically just a very intelligent program. But in this book, artificial intelligence is taken from a living human brain which is connected to the computer by means of cables or wires. The brain is "isolated" from the human body and is being kept alive by dozens of tubes that supply blood and nutrients and other tubes that act as the different body parts so the brain can function well, too. The owners of the brains live only in their brains so they are physiologically dead but mentally/intellectually alive. The great thing I found in this concept is that the owner can freely explore his own brain. He can surpass the limitations he had when he was still alive. So, I thought that it would be really cool to explore my brain and cross that barrier that keeps me from using it to its potential. (Only I don't want to be dead physiologically). Thus, the title "The Mind's Fortress". :-)

For the "Opus" and "Andante", I will be using a lot more of these in the future. These are just words taken from an anime I watched and loved. I used these to add a touch of my interests and favorites. By the way, the title of the anime where I got these words from is La Corda d'Oro~Primo Passo, which means The Golden String~First Step in English.

Oh, yeah. Before I forget:
> opus - work
> andante - walking pace


  1. Outstanding and interesting blog. Need I say more?

  2. wow! amazing! speechless!
    3 words that comes up in my mind after reading your blog title and how did you come up with this extraordinary title..ahahahah...
    I hope you can post more opus and you can explore your brain well..
    good luck kate..!