Friday, June 13, 2008

Introduction to MIS

Hi, again. I'm Kate Mariel A. Dizon, a 3rd year BS Information Technology student.I expect to learn about leading/managing information systems from both my classmates and teacher.I also expect to learn much more from my chosen real life industry.Similarly, I expect our teacher to be strict(but in a good way) and critical of our work.I also expect him to impart his knowledge to us unselfishly.


  1. Hello there. We have different expectations but kinda close in a way. So good luck and hope we can make it up in this subject.

    [The way I see it, Mr. G. is not SO strict. I found him good-natured and funny in a unique way.] Just keep in mind his motto, bloggers.."Follow instructions.." or else your program won't run. Hekhek.

  2. Hello Kate!
    Well, I hope you will meet all your expectations for your subject and for our professor, Dr. Gamboa.. Good Luck!!!