Saturday, June 28, 2008

OSS Integration

Before I start my "sermon" on how to adopt the concept of integrating OSS in our school, let me first define OSS or Open Source Software.

OSS or open source software is a computer software for which the human-readable source code is made available under a copyright license (or arrangement such as the public domain) that meets the Open Source Definition( It is often referred to as free software because you can get it with less or no money at all. This definition is not only limited to purchase but more so because OSS can be shared, redistributed and installed in as many computers as you want(

This is where my "sermon" begins... This part contains everything that I have read and understood about OSS and my opinion on how to integrate it in our school.

I understand that because of the Internet, the sharing and distributing of OSS became easy and widespread. However, there is also the fact that some OSS are not of high quality because, well, they're free. Which leads us back to proprietary software or those that need to be bought. And believe me, they're not cheap.

There are, however, many other OSS that are of good quality, can be downloaded through the net and can be comparable to proprietary software. In my opinion, the use of OSS in schools is more advantageous than proprietary software in terms of money because you only need one copy of it and you can already install it in many computers. For schools, like our school, which are a little tight on budget , integrating OSS can save us the expense of purchasing several proprietary software.

To those schools who want to have a good ICT course, it is a necessity to have the facility(or hardware) and the software in order to attain that high quality of ICT education that they can offer to students. And to the students, it is also necessary to have access to different kinds of software that they don't need to pay for. I mean, in my case, even if I want to explore other software or programs, I can't because I don't have the money to buy them. This is where our school should start to take action.

In the first place, our school should be willing to integrate OSS in our computers with the mission to provide cheap or even free access to software or ICT as a whole to the students. Also, the school must be knowledgeable about what software they should use and integrate into the system. They should make sure it is safe, reliable, and despite being free, is also of good quality. Moreover, the school must also make sure that the students and themselves understand the "freedom" of the use of OSS. OSS was not created to be used irresponsibly just because it's free. It should be made clear that, even though it is free and can be accessed anytime, OSS should be used wisely and effectively in order to attain cheap, or even free, but good quality ICT education.


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  1. before the school could adopt OSS, of course they should first discuss it with the faculty and administration for approval...

    hope our school will be able to integrate OSS sooner or later.. hehehe

  2. Hmmmnnn...OSS?? Open Source Software??
    I just want to ask, since its my first time to encounter that OSS, "Is there any OSS in our Campus??"(just curious)
    I think it would be a good idea if there will be a OSS in our school.
    take care kate!

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