Saturday, June 14, 2008

First Choices on my Future Career

This is my answer for the first assignment in HRM. I hope I don't sound too ambitious...
After I graduate, I hope to hold the following jobs:

IT Specialist
Job Description:
1. identify computer-user problems and coordinate to resolve them
2. install, cofigure, and monitor local and wide-area networks, hardware and software
3. provide customer and network administration services such as passwords, electronic mail accounts, security and troubleshooting
4. construct, edit and test computer system programs
5. conduct data system studies and prepare documentation and specifications for proposals

Job Description:
1. maintain websites for companies and individuals on the World Wide Web
2. responsible for ensuring that a Web site is easy to navigate and that it addresses the needs of the client and its customers
3. implement web pages, maintains content and oversees day-to-day management of the company website, and assures quality and filing integrity of web pages

Online References:


  1. ..I truly believe that you can BE an IT Specialist or a Webmaster in the near near near future..
    so keep it up and gud luck!
    BTW, you don't sound too ambitious to me because I know that you have what it takes to be anything you wanna be..

  2. wow.! go kate.! good for you.. you already have 2 main goals after graduation(when that maybe hahahaha)
    hmmm.. i also like to be anyone of the two.. though being a IT specialist weighs more in my mind.
    lets wait after a few years and see what we became of.

  3. wow! nice jobs!
    Actually, you don't sound too ambitious...It's great that you aim high..cause I know that you can make it! Just go with your goal! keep up the good work!