Sunday, June 22, 2008

Online Jobs

MEDICAL TRANSCRIPTIONIST- interpret and transcribe dictation by physicians and other healthcare professionals regarding patient assessment, work-up, therapeutic procedures, clinical course, diagnosis, prognosis, etc., in order to document patient care and facilitate delivery of healthcare services.Ref:

WEB DEVELOPER- provide website template design, database design, user tracking, usability analysis, accessibility analysis, heat maps, A/B testing, load time optimization, code optimization,, e-commerce, and website code vulnerability testing.Ref:

APPLICATION PROGRAMMER- create client/server applications, small business solutions, specialized applications such as engineering tasks, manufacturing applications and even automation.Ref:

ONLINE TUTOR- connects you in real-time to a live tutor in an online classroom to work one-to-one on homework, studying, test prep, etc.Ref:

DATABASE DEVELOPER- performs database design and normalization, database conversions from one database format to another, complete web based solutions, client/server database applications and standalone database programs.Ref:

Among the 5 online jobs that I listed above, I like the WEB DEVELOPER best. I like it because it is where I can use what I learned from school and get creative in my work. I will also be able to develop my skills in building a website that caters to my clients' needs and it's sort of a package of different computer skills so I will not be good in only one area. And it's an online job, so I don't even have to leave the comfort of my home.


  1. apply ko beh??? hehe MT!!! char as if i had the qualifications... hehehe anyways, good job... i prefer bullets than paragraphs...


  2. hmmmmnn...great online job services huh!!!aheheheh..
    Well, I wish I can be a Web Developer or Medical transcriptionist someday..

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