Sunday, June 22, 2008

Green Campus Computing

What is "green campus computing", or simply, green computing? - In its simplest sense, green computing is the study and practice of using computing resources efficiently.

We cannot deny that more and more computers are being purchased and used everyday. We can't stop that because of the high demand for technology of our modern lifestyle. What we can do is to use computers in an efficient, productive but nature-friendly way.

Green computing is a good way to reduce energy consumption and significantly lower carbon dioxide emission, which contributes to the destruction of the earth's environment. I am glad that our school finally decided to take a step towards saving our environment by showing the interest to implement green computing in the campus. Now, I know that buying newer computers with lower power consumption for the laboratories in the school is out of the budget but there are still ways to significantly reduce power consumption of the current computers in the school. Listed below are 3 URL's that talk about green computing and ways to reduce power consumption without affecting productivity:

I have a truthful observation in my school when it comes to the use of computers. After our laboratory classes, our instructors remind us to turn off the computer but not completely unplug it. I know that this can't be helped since there are still students who will use it next. The worst I have seen so far is leaving the computers on in the laboratory even though no one is using them.

For our school to adopt the concept of green computing, the first step we must make is to get the full support and cooperation of the administration, faculty and staff. They must be the leaders or models in the practice of green computing since the students look up to them for examples. They must fully understand the concept of green campus computing, its implementation and its effects in the various aspects of computing lifestyle. When they are fully oriented with it, it is only then that they can pass it down to the students. This is where the second step comes in: student orientation and cooperation. As students, they must be willing to participate in this simple act of creating a greener technological environment. Students should be properly oriented about the purpose of green computing and provided with a vision of a better environment for them. Provisions may also be passed around the campus about green computing. It is also necessary to have strict implementation and guidance inside computer laboratories. I will not enumerate steps to conserve energy because there are a lot of them.

Getting the cooperation of everyone in the university is not something that will happen overnight, but with constant reminder, cooperation and practice in the part of both students and faculty, it can be achieved. Soon, the practice of green computing will become a part of our daily lives and will become as normal as breathing. I also suggest that further research be made by our own university for more efficient ways to use technology as a whole that fit the current computing lifestyle in our school. By following the simple steps towards green computing, we can help save our environment and create a better world for generations to come.


  1. hello again kate!
    Well, speaking of green campus computing..
    Actually,before, I really don't have any idea of what green campus computing is..
    But after reading your post..
    well, all I can say is, "Wow! It would be a great campaign..."
    We are aware with what technology help contribute destruction to our environment. Through Green Campus Computing we can reduce energy and we can also help save our mother earth...(tsar!)
    Hope that our school will implement Green Campus Computing in our University..
    KUDOS! kate mariel dizon!