Saturday, June 14, 2008

The Time Limit

Wow... I can't believe I'm already in my 3rd year in college. Time does fly when you're enjoying yourself. (At least, I'm enjoying myself. I hope my instructors are thinking of letting us enjoy it, too...)

Anyway, I took the chance to write about this little goal of mine here. Yep, with the title "The Time Limit". You might ask why. You see, I've always been the youngest in the class or if not, the second youngest. I went ahead and computed the time I will graduate from college and yes, according to my calculations, I will graduate when I'm 18 years old. Too young, you say? But I don't want to slow down. It's because of this time limit that I am driven to do my best to finish my studies without failure.

There have been countless times that I've been told to slow down by my friends, classmates, and even my parents. They say that I'm still too young, anyway. But not by my watch. I have a lot of things that I want to do and be able to experience. That's why I don't want to stay longer than 4 years in college. I always told my self that I can still do many things because I'm young.

Even now, I still regret some things that I haven't been able to do earlier in life. As I look back in the past, I could say that much of that time was wasted. It's a pity but I'm trying my best to get back some of that time by doing well and not failing in my studies. I want to graduate when I'm still 18 and be able to do what I failed to do when I was younger.

Honestly, I'm getting kinda nervous now because that time limit is fast approaching. Will I be able to make it? Or will time run out for me? I hope I can muster all the courage and determination to fulfill this deadline that no one else but me knows.

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  1. Go Kate! "Follow your yourself an angel of kindness..there's nothing that you cannot do.. I believe in you..." by Il Divo :-)

    It's great to know you've blurted out your thoughts in your post. Regarding your 'time limit', don't be so mindful of it. If you know you're not wasting your time, you can do all the things you want, if you just believe you can do it. It's not bad if you'll mark your life where you wanted to accomplish a certain thing in a certain point in time. But don't forget to pause once in a while and reflect. Am I going too fast? That's when you'll know you have to slow down a little.

    You know, you're lucky to be young yet achieving the things that most people older than your age are striving for right now. You're several steps ahead from some. Yet don't say that you'd regret those times in the past that you thought you've only wasted.

    Think positively. I mean, don't be so paranoid about that "time limit" you're setting for yourself. Everything falls into their proper place and time if you will just learn to control yourself. Worry not much. You're not behind. :-)

  2. Aja kate! I believe that you have the ability to cross that time limit.. Yah! being 1 of your college classmate you are too young to be in the level that you are now! But age doesn't matter in achieving your goals in life..I know that you have a lot of goals that you want to fulfill. It's a great thing that you take your regrets as a challenge in soaring high.
    Always Live Life To The Fullest!!!
    Always pray to the almighty..
    take care kate!
    I know you can do it..