Saturday, July 5, 2008

My Vision of the 21st Century Corporations

Let me define 'technology' in my own words: technology is an infinite and desperate journey towards the always far future. Why do I say that? As you might have noticed, no matter how hard you try to get the latest fads in technology, you can never stay ahead. Every now and then, a new gadget comes out, new technology is discovered or created, and you find that you're left behind again. How can you keep up with that? Scientists and inventors always try to create things they call "technology of the future". Hello? If they created those today, wouldn't they be called technology of "today" instead of the future? Laughing I can say that technology is a desperate effort to get a hold of the future, which, in my opinion, is impossible.

The 21st century, a century envisioned by many as the time when technology will be etched into everything that we see, when the sky wouldn't seem too high up with buildings already cutting through its magnificent tapestry.

Everyday we hear news about forests being cut down, mountains being flattened, and new buildings being erected. There are already countless skyscrapers, with state-of-the-art designs and who-knows-whats inside, and with more on the way. Surely, corporate buildings pop up from the ground like mushrooms after a rainy day. Corporations nowadays cannot stand and prosper without the help of technology because even before the 21st century, technology has already taken humans off the corporate pedestal.

What do I think will 21st century corporations look like? I can see the answer clearly in my head or rather, I can see it around me. Corporations are becoming more and more mechanical. I see people doing less with machines doing most of the work. This I can relate to the previous topic, downsizing. It almost makes me wonder, are humans really the ones running the corporations? From what I can see, corporations have just become living machines. I cannot say if this is good or bad but it probably has its share of both. I can foretell that 21st century corporations will become more dependent on technology and once technology has a glitch and fails, the corporation will fall with it. This imperfection in technology is where human intervention is needed so there is still a place for us in the corporate world.

Like technology, humans cannot stop evolving or improving. We, as the pioneers of improvement and progress, the ones who made for technology a place where it can be used to its fullest, must rightfully take our place back in the corporate arena. This is my wish for 21st century corporations because I think that we're heading towards the opposite. As far as human imagination and innovation is concerned, there is no limit to what corporations can look like tomorrow. They can become huge structures whose shadows cast looming predicaments over the city on which it stands. And inside will be an array of technology that only the capable can afford to integrate into their scheme of things and only the knowledgeable can operate. The need for human resources will significantly decrease as only few will be needed to run the entire corporation. Lowly jobs will be the only ones left for humans to do.

If we combine these thoughts about technology, the 21st century and corporations, we get today. The 21st century is no longer a dream that many people wish to come true because the 21st century is today. Look around you and you will see that it's true. Listen around you and you will hear that it's true. Think about it and you will know that it's true... study


  1. yah right, corporations today cannot stand without technology...

    pa comment kate???


  2. well, i agree with your statement "no matter how hard you try to get the latest fads in technology, you can never stay ahead. " technologies are evolving so fast that we always want to have the latest trend of breakthroughs but we can't stay ahead with it.
    In this early 21st century, man are always attached with technologies and the different corporations are undergoing a radical transformation that is nothing less than a new industrial revolution.

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