Saturday, July 5, 2008

Why do I have to study HRM?

Yes, most of us are wondering why we have Human Resource Management as a subject in our course. Some might say that it is unrelated to our field of study but it's actually related.

What do think about when you say IT professional, or programmer, or etc.? Did you just think about computers and computers alone? If you thought that, then you probably won't succeed in your future job. If we read the job descriptions that we passed, most of them include "good communication skills" in the qualification. I'm not saying that HRM is all about communication skills but rather your approach toward people.

If I were to defend why HRM is included in our course, I would say that just because our course revolves around computers and our future jobs probably will, doesn't mean that our lives will only revolve around computers, too. We will not always be gawking at the computer monitor, rubbing our foreheads to find a solution to the programming task that was given to us. We will also be dealing with people, telling them about our work, undergoing interviews, becoming the boss or the leader of a team. And do you only dream of working for a good company? Why not be the boss for whom people work? This position needs the ability to be able to deal with people. Having a subject like HRM is very helpful if you want a bird's eye view of handling people, knowing their personality with one look, and dealing with them in the correct manner.

Like what Ma'am Madrona said during the orientation, we shouldn't just be intellectual giants and emotional dwarfs. Having HRM as a subject will help us become a well-rounded person who can cope with both mental and emotional issues. A boat that is loaded on the other end and empty on the other will sink to the bottom and the first one to sink is the end with the heavier load... cyclops

Moreover, HRM teaches us our value as human beings in the business world- that we are not just tools used for making profit but we are the flesh that gives depth to work and the blood that runs through the system, making it alive. cheers


  1. yah yah.
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  2. i liked the last paragraph!!!

    nice article kate!!!
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