Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Reaction on the 2nd Group of Presentors (HRM)


I was really awed at the length of the presentation... *peace* Honestly, this was the most noticeable part of their presentation- its length.

The presentors' topic was an overview and a brief history of HR, I think. In my opinion, their topic did not really require a company because it's more on theory. Still, they chose our school as their adopted "company" and I can't blame them if they can't share enough ideas about the HR in our school. Since, according to them, the HR manager of the school is still new and is not very familiar with the history and the background of the HR department of the university.

However, I'm glad that they tried their best to come up with a presentation even though I know that adopting our university was their last choice. :) Thank you for sharing information about other companies' HR department like P**T, Co**-**la, and etc. At least they made up for the lack of information about their adopted company. hehehe. :)

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