Friday, July 11, 2008

Reasons Behind IT/IS Failures

IS/IT System Failure

There are several reasons why IS/IT systems fail:

According to Goulielmos, 2003, there are 4 categories of failures. First is the correspondence failure, where the IS fails to meet its design objectives. Second is process failure, where the IS overruns its budget and time constraints. Third is interaction failure, where the users maintain a low interaction with the IS. The last category is expectation failure, where the IS does not meet the stakeholders' expectations.

If I were to choose among the 4 categories given above one which I think is the most common reason for IS failure, I would have to say the third- interaction failure. Why? It's because IS were created to be utilized by people for their benefit. An IS must be able to interact with the user efficiently and I think this is the most difficult part of creating an IS and is the part where most IS fail.


When I looked up other sources, I found that there are a hundred other reasons why IS/IT systems fail. Some may be due to natural calamities or natural causes like fire, lightning, inadmissible temperature and humidity. Failure may also be caused by organizational shortcomings or those that are the company's fault. Examples of this are insufficient rules, inadequate maintenance, inappropriate restriction of user environment, and etc. Sometimes, the failure of IS/IT systems is also the humans' fault- our fault. It's because of our irresponsibility and negligence that most IS/IT systems fail. It can't also be avoided that the failure may be brought about by inevitable circumstances, those which are also not within our control, like power disruption, failure of devices, and other technical failures. Lastly, there are failures caused by deliberate acts of unauthorized data manipulation, theft, line tapping, and other actions that can be considered criminal.


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