Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Food for Thought: HRM Quote

rsgamboa wrote:

"Human beings are the most important, potent and critical, resource of any organization, and yet the least understood and the worst managed of its resources"

Human beings, as the flesh and blood of an organization, are the most vital resources of any organization. For without humans, there would be no companies, organizations, corporations, etc. Humans are the most flexible of all resources because we can be put anywhere and can adapt to changes. However, because humans have their individuality, their own characteristics and personalities, we are the least understood. We are not stationary objects that do not change over time. We constantly undergo changes so something that works for us now(i.e. our daily routine) might not work for us anymore in the future.

In companies, humans are not flat characters. Even in a company, we evolve. Since humans also manage other humans, it is impossible to attain a management system that works for everybody. Being the heart of an organization, we are the most abundant resource as we are the ones who run the company or organization. This abundance is what makes us the most susceptible or prone to abuse. The way I see it, since we are the greatest in number, our value as individuals decreases. Crying or Very sad

Thus, the statement above hit the bull's eye when it comes to managing human resources. What a Face For, as humans, we have freewill, something that can't be controlled by anyone else but ourselves. cheers

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