Sunday, July 20, 2008

A Global Deadlock on Global Warming

The topic of green campus computing made me think about global warming again. Some might say that I'm a little obsessed with global warming, but no. It's just that I care for the environment so I don't want to see it get destroyed. Anyway, we're still the ones affected the most.

Ever heard of the song "let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me"? The answer to the problem of global warming is simple, really. Just like in the song, we should begin to take action within ourselves. We should start acting on our own. You might think that I'm telling you not to cooperate with others but that isn't my point. You'll know why later in this entry.

Going back to the topic of global warming, from what I see, we cannot move forward and our efforts to sace the environment are at a standstill. In computer terms, we are experiencing a "global deadlock". Why, you ask? Let me define a deadlock. It is, in its simplest sense, a situation where two different processes are waiting for each other to finish or give up. Applying this to the scenario of global warming, it seems to me that we cannot make progress because we are waiting for others to take action before we take action ourselves. In another perspective, the others are also waiting for us to take action. Isn't this a perfect deadlock scenario?

For my idea on how to break this "deadlock" situation, you might not find it very brilliant but it's the only thing I can think of that's fairly simple and practical. Read the following paragraphs for they contain my thoughts about the real problem behind global warming and how to solve it.

Nowadays, we only care about surviving. We keep looking for ways on how to maximize our income or uplift our lifestyle to be able to cope with the expensive demands of the modern world. We don't think about the implications of our actions to the environment. Let me ask you, how often do you look around and really see your surroundings? No, don't answer because I know you don't.

When I ride on a PUJ from home to school or vice versa, I observe the people sitting around me and sometimes I just feel hatred for them. Indeed they are looking out the window, but are they seeing anything?

So, how should we deal with the uncaring attitude of people? You know, simple acts of not throwing your garbage anywhere can be very helpful. You'll probably find that my solution is very generic. Yes, my solution still includes all those tips about caring for the environment but with a little more on the psychological aspect. Honestly, do you follow those tips?

"So what if I throw my garbage anywhere? Anyway, it's just this once. It's just me. It shouldn't have any effect at all because my existence in this world is so small that I can even be considered insignificant." Isn't this what you're thinking? This mentality, I think, is probably the cause of our failure in saving the Earth. What if at the same time you do that, a hundred thousand others think that way, too? Then there will be 100,001 pieces of garbage dumped into the environment at that single moment only. Think about the effect of that quantity of pollutants to the environment - our environment. And to think that you contributed to that.

We should start thinking and acting on our own because every little thing we do greatly affects the environment without our knowing. Like I said, don't think that the solution to global warming needs a joint effort and that your existence is insignificant compared to the population of the world. Remember, you're not the only one thinking that way. Think about it when you're about to do something irresponsible. If at the same time you rethink your actions, another hundred thousand others rethink their actions, too, then we saved the earth from 100,001 pieces of trash and we spared another few millimeters of our ozone layer. It's just a matter of thinking individually. Don't wait for others to do this because they are also just waiting for you. Be the one to break the deadlock and continue the process to arrive at the desired output.


  1. i can't believe that you thought of something like that.

    i'm guilty of that, too... the part where you said that "it's only this once. it's just me, etc" or something like that.

    however, your entry was a little tiring to read because it very lengthy.

  2. we all are guilty of it. that's why now is the perfect time to change our ways and start saving the environment.

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