Sunday, July 20, 2008

A Visit to the Real World (For Real)

Remember my entry entitled "A Visit to the Real World (Prelude)"? That was just a warm-up, or more like a false alarm... This one is the real deal.

We revisited our adopted company for our HRM subject with high expectations. We envisioned a very fruitful interview with the HR staff of that company. However, when we arrived, although they welcomed us with open arms, what we experienced was just not what we expected from them. Instead of having an interview, the officer who entertained us asked for a copy of the questions we were supposed to ask and told us to come back for the printed answers a few days after that. Hiding our disappointment at the predicament of our dream interview, we politely asked them to let us document or, dare I say, fake the interview. They agreed and to our relief, they even gave us hard copies of their organizational chart and other related documents.

Honestly, we were really disappointed because we wanted to have a live interview where we can freely ask questions and not be limited to the questions on the copy we prepared. When we got their printed answers, I could say that their answers were okay but I still would've liked a real interview. Anyway, we're planning to visit them again so we get more information. Just wait for us!!!

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