Sunday, July 20, 2008

Barriers in IS/IT

I really had a hard time looking for just the appropriate answer to this assignment. Anyway, I think I finally found one site.

* Lack of current information for planning and developing technology
* Lack of expertise in the use of information
* Lack of international cooperation in developing the critical mass needed for projects and joint efforts
* Lack of interaction (lack of confidence and sometimes lack of information) between universities and industries

The things I listed above are the obstacles to IS/IT, more specifically on information sharing. This was based on a study in New Mexico and the above factors are what they found out to be barriers to information sharing. cyclops

Let me explain each of the barriers in my own way. The first one is a common problem because we're often outdated about information on certain things. Before we develop something new, we need to have some background information about previous developments to serve as foundations for us. Obtaining this information poses an obstacle to us, the users, because we do not have unlimited access to information.

The second obstacle is also true because most of us, even though we have access to information, do not know how to use this information. Most of the time, we take for granted the importance of knowing how to use this information properly because of its abundance over the internet. The purpose of information will be defeated if we do not know how to use this for development.

Since we are now in the time called the Information Age, almost everyone in the world has access to information. Information is very helpful in developing new technology because of the same reason for the first factor. Now, what we lack is cooperation. We have to work hand in hand to better utilize this information for the benefit of most, if not everybody, in the world.

The last obstacle is lack of interaction between universities and industries. This is also true because students studying in universities need to be equipped with the skills they need to be able to survive and prosper in the business world. I'm glad that in our curriculum, we are given the chance to visit real industries to get a better picture of life beyond the four corners of the classroom. cheers



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