Thursday, July 24, 2008

Madayaw to

Finally, we were able to adopt a "company" for our MIS subject. Our "company" is not exactly a company but rather a website. One of my group mates knows the creator of the website so he suggested it to us.

Personally, I was glad that we chose the website's creator for our interviewee. First is because he really knows what he is talking about. He knows the behind-the-scenes operations of websites and even some of the internet. While we talked to him, I can relate to the terms he mentioned, unlike in our HRM subject(peace!!!).

The interview was fun, overall. We learned many things, including how he manages his site. We were presented with a better understanding of what goes on behind an electronic business, one that uses the Internet as its medium of communication. Honestly, the interview didn't feel like an interview at all, except for the note-taking part. He was very honest with us when it comes to things he doesn't know about.

Hopefully, we will be able to learn from his example and utilize the Internet for good purposes, too!

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