Thursday, July 24, 2008

Risks Involved in Business and IS/IT Change

The risks involved in business and IS/IT change.

Again, I found this a difficult topic to research... Very Happy

Fortunately, I might have found one site that talks about changes in IS. I derived the risks from their article and these are what I deduced:

The first risk is loss of integrity. Integrity refers to the validity and accuracy of information based on a business's guidelines. So whether information is valid or not depends on the standards set by the organization using it. Now, when changes are made within businesses, this factor is greatly affected as it deals with the accuracy of information that is essential to keep the business going. When changes are inflicted, the system is affected and there is a risk of losing the integrity of information.

Second is invalidity. I can say that this is somewhat related to the first. An example given by the site is a sale that actually occurred versus a fictitious sale. In my understanding, there is a possible risk of invalidating accurate information when changes are made because it might alter the actual information.

The third risk is inaccuracy. This is also related to the other two risks. They defined accuracy as the correct interpretation of the actual event that happened. An example given to us is reporting sales as 10,000 units rather than just 1,000. There is a high risk of inaccuracy when changes are inflicted to a business or system because some information might be overlooked. One of the reasons for inaccuracy could also be irresponsibility of the users in introducing the change to the business or system.

The last but not the least is incompleteness. Of course, in the course of the change, some data or information might be lost. This could also be caused by human error or reckless administration of the change. This is considered a risk because I think, if data is incomplete then it is automatically inaccurate, invalid, and unreliable. Actually, the same goes for the other three. Very Happy

Loss of integrity, validity, accuracy and completeness are just some of the risks of business and IS/IT change. But I think that these four generalize all the risks involved in inflicting change on a system. The website I found lists some other specific risks but there are too many and most of them are derived from the four I mentioned above. study

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  1. helo kate
    actually pare pareho rtag nkuha na ans
    nwei i like ur article...
    comment ha??

  2. as a said on the other blogs, business involves taking risks to make a company stronger and prosper more. in this cases, risks are commonly a result of an inexperienced developer and users. so just train the developer and users so as to reduce chances of failure.

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