Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Green Campus Computing Campaign Part 2: What to Convey, How to Convey it

This is an entry dedicated to developments in the green campus computing campaign. Our instructor came up with an idea to visualize our thoughts about green campus computing.

The MIS class met for a discussion on how to capture the attention of the university. The idea to procure posters that illustrate the causes and effects of irresponsible use of technology was brought up and it was a fine idea. What better way to catch the students' attentions than to use art to convey our message? It was decided that the design would be eye-catching and informative as well. We knew that students wouldn't want to read something that's so full of text because they would find it boring. So, combining text and graphics was a good idea to at least make the students' head turn and attract them to the posters.

The posters' designs are still underway with minor adjustments made by our instructor. When the design is finished, we will be posting them in our blogs so that we can make use of technology to convey our message. Wait for it!

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  1. GO GCC. Its nice to have an advocacy like this right.?! because it makes us be aware to what we are doing to our society/ environment.. hope that a lot of people will support us and many will follow our advocacy. AJa.!!