Wednesday, July 30, 2008

From 1 up to Sawa

Our MIS class met for a last formal classroom lesson. It's not the end of the subject as we have more assignments coming our way.

Anyway, it was on a Saturday, July 26, and it didn't feel like a class at all. A long time had passed since I had a class as fun as that. And I only realized it was fun when it was already over...

The fun was because of the reporters' ways of sharing their topic. Honestly, I think I remember more about what we discussed during the last class than the other classes that we had. I thought maybe it was because the atmosphere was conducive for learning- we stayed in an air-conditioned laboratory the whole time- and maybe also because we were not rushing to finish a topic in one hour. (Thus the title "From 1 up to sawa")

The general thing that I learned was that MIS is the middle-level process in coming up with an effective management system. Without the lower and the higher levels, MIS is completely useless as it stops with creating information. The lower and higher levels provide the data needed to make information and make use of that information, respectively. These three levels all work together to produce an effective management system that is essential to a business's progress.

A saying from our instructor, "WE can make or break an organization". We learned a lot inside the classroom. But as future IT professionals, it is up to us how we will use that knowledge to bring a company soaring to the sky and not bring it crashing down around our ears.

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  1. ..waaaa it was so tiring.. having sat there all day long. good thing, that sir bought ice cream for us.. thanks sir...weeeeeeee