Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Reflection on HRM Reports

This entry may be a little late, but it's better late than never. 3 groups have passed since I last posted my reflection or reaction here. So, I'm going to generalize all of them in this entry.

I cannot say which group is better, or which group is bad. That's because every one of them had different stories to tell. As far as we have gone, I can tell that the topics are following a sort of procedure or that one topic is a corollary of the previous one.

One thing that I remember agreeing with is that some companies combine their HR department with other departments, usually with the Administrative department. This is actually the case in our adopted company. They do not have a distinct and separate HR department, instead, the HR department is one with their administrative department. Also, when it comes to acquiring human resources, companies set standards to filter the applicants. We were not able to ask that in our adopted company because we focused on our topic. But since it is a government institution, I wonder what steps or standards they set when they hire workers...

Honestly, I don't think our adopted company has many workers. When we went there, it was almost as if the only people who report for work are the guards and the heads of the departments. Their offices were almost empty, or maybe they were just not that strict with attendance.

Anyway, let me end this entry here. My next entry will be about my reflection(more like a reaction) to our group's report. Jya ne!


  1. our report was the best... joke
    we were also planning to have a play in our report yet we didn't push it through because time was already little. Hope that Sir Gamboa was pleased with all of us.

  2. hahah..
    our report was the best among the rest..