Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Going Bananas!!!

Hello, there! This is the entry that I mentioned in the latter part of the previous entry- my "reaction" to our report in HRM.

So it was finally our group's turn to report and I was going first(always the front-liner). Actually, we planned to do a short role-play of our experiences before we were finally able to officially adopt a company. As you may have read in my previous blog entries, we went through some other companies before finally settling with our present company. We thought it would be fun to show to the class a re-enactment of our 'struggles' with finding a company to adopt. One scene would have been me, rambling about how cruel that 'first company' was to us, rejecting our permission to study their HR department, while I was eating a banana. I thought it would be hilarious.

The day before our presentation, as my groupmate and I laid out the scenes, I began to have second thoughts about the role-play. The scenes were dry and I thought the class would find it boring. So we wrapped everything up and decided not to do the role-play anymore.

The day of our presentation came and I was ready for my report. Unknown to me, my groupmate had really brought with her a ripe banana that she intended to give to me for my solo. What?! I wasn't expecting that! I didn't have anything to say. When I came up front, I can't remember exactly what I said there but I distinctly remember holding out the banana to the whole class, peeling it, and saying something about aerial spray. I don't know if I was supposed to bite it or not, but I did not bite it mainly because the banana was a little overripe. To my amazement, the whole class ended up laughing at my act and when I looked at our instructor, I found him laughing, too. I felt really light-headed. I mean, what did I just do?

Enough about the fun part, let's go to the serious part- the report proper. We were really confused about how to go about our report since the module given to us did not provide us with any specific topics on maintenance of HR. So we decided to cover the whole chapter of maintenance but discuss it only briefly as there are other reporters assigned to the specific subtopics. We were able to share something about our report in relation to our adopted company. Mine was really easy because my topic was the one we mostly asked about. Our topic was actually a sort of continuation of the previous topic because after human resources are absorbed into a company, the company has an obligation to take care of them and motivate them in their working environment. This can be done through different ways, one of which is orientation.

I'm going to post in my blog our presentation slides for our report so that you can read and even download it. And by the way, on August 2, we will be having another makeup class for HRM. I wonder what we get to eat again...


  1. Lol. You really had me laughing about "the experience", Kate. Mind you, folks, I'M ONE OF THE WITNESSES. Haha.

    Honestly speaking, we didn't really have much preparation for the report flow. So I agree with you that we'll not continue the 'role-play'. Good thing you had this funny part about 'going bananas', Kate. At least our class will have something to remind them of our group. :-)

    Uhm, by the way, I just saw some bananas in our house that's why i thought of bringing it to school. But it was not my intention to include the 'scene' in the final report. Hehe.

    Hopefully we will be making our major paper on time. Good luck to all of us.

  2. ..hahaha i really loved your reporting.. you with the banana, with that certain phrase about bananas and aerial spraying was really hilarious.. i like your reporting too because it wasn't boring and it was really a lively delivery of information.

  3. Congratz! at least even if you are rejected once still you are able to share a good and very informative report to us.

    Keep it up!