Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Sketch ~ Tsukimori Len

This is my last but not the least drawing...

Finally is my favorite drawing- Tsukimori Len-kun. He's from the same anime as Ryo. He's a music school student who's a virtuoso at the violin. You have to hear him play. The problem is, he's cold and harsh towards other people. You can tell just by looking at him.

His music, like his attitude, is somewhat cold and emotionless but nevertheless, very good. However, as the story progresses, he started to warm up and his music began to change...


You might have noticed by now that all my drawings are just sketches and don't have any color in them except the shadings. Hehehe... That's because I'm not good at coloring and would oftentimes just ruin the drawing. So now, I'm a little afraid to color them in because I'm afraid I might ruin them again. I've ruined a lot of drawings already. They started out as sketches which looked really good. But when I colored them, *splat!* they looked like a pile of gunk.

I hope you liked my little showcase. By the way, don't develop a crush on Len. I forbid you!

Len is already reserved for Hino Kahoko. LenXKaho!!!


  1. Uh hmm..i just think he's worth admiring for, Kate. With his musical ability, I guess? But I don't know him that much so I think I won't develop a crush on him. [maybe in the future]

    You actually made me curious about your last line.

  2. weeeee... papa len is really cute because of his hard-to-get character.. his also a master musician for me.!! masbagay kami kaysa dun s abidang girl.. joke

  3. well, you really have the talent in sketching etak.. Am not familiar with that anime..but it seems to be a good anime..i'll try to watch it..aheheheh