Thursday, July 31, 2008

Improving the Internet Connectivity in the University

Improving the Internet Connectivity in the University

This is a very difficult question to answer because there are many limitations to what the university can do. However, I'll try my best to come up with ideas that would improve the internet connection while staying within the budget.

If we inspect the computers in our laboratories, we will discover horrific hardware problems. There's no need to enumerate the different hardware problems since I know that we all know this too well. Since the school is a little low on budget, it is almost impossible to purchase brand new computer sets. My suggestion would be to at least improve or upgrade the problematic hardware so that the computers can be used with a little more ease.

- Since we're talking about the Internet connectivity, I would suggest that we use software that are light on the memory usage. There are various software that can be used to connect to the Internet that can somehow "speed up" the loading.

Bandwidth Allocation:
-We already know that the university increased the bandwidth again but the internet connection is still turtle-paced. Even if we keep increasing the bandwidth, nothing will happen if it is not properly allocated. Applying what I learned from our company interview, the university can also adopt the idea of properly allocating bandwidth depending on the usage. With this, probably, the tasks that require the most bandwidth can be properly attended to and the tasks that require the least bandwidth can also be done at the same time.

Virus Problems:
- One factor that affects the performance of the computer and the Internet connectivity is the virus dilemma. This is something that is also acquired from the Internet. Adequate and appropriate anti-virus software should be installed in all computer units or there could be one unit where removable storage media must be scanned and cleaned of any infections. I noticed that most students do not scan their removable storage media and just use them without hesitation. My suggestion would be to introduce to the users some anti-virus software and encourage them in using those software for their protection.

-If we are able to address all the other problems related to the physical connectivity and other computer-related problems, the last thing to do is to properly orient the users, be it faculty or student, about the proper usage of the Internet or the computer. Even if we are able to address all the physical and connectivity problems, if the users are the ones causing the delay, then our efforts would be useless.

Now, even with all these "cost-efficient" suggestions of mine, I still think that the best way for the Internet connectivity to improve is really to put some effort and MONEY into the improvement. I think that the university must be willing to spend in order to improve the quality of Internet and education as a whole.


  1. haloo kate, ako pa first ng comment...hehe

    ummm, medyo pareha pud ta idea.pero akoa ke ng comment c sir na dapat more on process daw ako ipost maong ng browse ko basi di mgka idea ko... hehe

    comment on mine too...


  2. i agree, university defective internet connectivity should be given importance by the administration.

  3. well, as far as the university's connection is concerned, one main problem really occurs is the viruses. Nakakainis talaga. Though each unit has a NOD anti-virus, it doesn't works. Sana nga bigyan muna nila ng halaga ang paglilinis ng mga viruses sa computers.

  4. yep,w/ ol those suggestions of urs, surely d university wud be able 2 achieve higher en faster accesibility of internet.but mostly ol of dem nids GREEN papers 4 it 2 b actuali does make d world go round.reality bites!

  5. i really hope that soon...the university internet connection will be solved. nice suggestion kate!

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