Sunday, August 3, 2008

ICT-Related Topics in PGMA's 2008 SONA

-ICT related topics in PGMA's 8th SONA-

For starters, let me say this about PGMA's 8th State of the Nation Address: it was more focused on helping the underpriveleged through the crisis we are experiencing. Generally, her SONA was about giving more to the people to suffice for their survival. For the whole length of her speech, there was rarely a mention about technological developments so I assumed some of what I will put here as part of her technological development plans.

The first point I saw that is somehow related to ICT as a whole is the cutting of the cost of text messaging. From 1 peso, it is now down to 50 centavos per text. Although this is good news enough to text subscribers, I still cannot consider this as an effective way to alleviate the burden of the Filipinos. Because technology, like texting, has started to play a vital role in the lives of almost every Filipino, it is desirable to find ways to use technology while not adding to the expenses of the citizens. This 50-centavo text messaging is only a short-term relief to us, the consumers. What we need is something far more extensive and expandable. I think the next point shows these characteristics.

Now, this is a clear directive towards ICT development: "Our P 350 million training partnership with the private sector should qualify 60,000 for call centers, medical transcription, animation and software development, which have a projected demand of one million workers generating $13 billion by 2010." - PGMA. This has been mentioned by our instructor and it was only when I finished reading this statement that I truly appreciated her efforts of gearing the nation towards technological developments. By opening jobs related to ICT, clearly, this is an invitation to the people, especially the students, to think of technology as an advantage in the business arena. tongue

Since the government is now working towards developing the ICT industry within the country, the next step is to set free these developments and go global. "Our costly commodity imports like oil and rice should be offset by hard commodities exports like primary products, and soft ones like tourism and cyberservices, at which only India beats us." - PGMA. Maybe in the olden times, only concrete materials can be exported. But now, with the advent of technology, soft commodities exports have begun to emerge. As part of the international arena, we should be working towards producing people and services that would help relieve the world of its hunger for information. I am glad that developing this vital part of the road to progress has not escaped the president's plans for the nation's progress. Soon, I would like to see us take our place in the pedestal. Being second is good but there is still room for a little more development.

Somehow, I feel relieved and assured that there will be a place for me in the future, in the world of work. Even though I said that the president's speech was more focused on helping the Filipinos through the crisis, I am glad that she still made way for developments and did not feel hindered by the immensity of the problems not only in our nation but internationally as well. Because technology is now interwoven into every little thing we do, we must search and develop effective methods to use technology as a tool in helping our country to break away from the grips of poverty and corruption. Technology is not something to be feared but rather should be considered as our ace card in beating the challenges to our progress. cheers cheers cheers


  1. I agree. In her SONA, she gave a lot more focus on the agrarian reform in the country. well that can't be helped because on the crisis the country is in now. I only wish that on the next SONA, the ICT sector in the country will be given more attention and importance.

  2. my fervent prayer for that is that hopefully, it will really happen in such time.

  3. "By opening jobs related to ICT, clearly, this is an invitation to the people, especially the students, to think of technology as an advantage in the business arena."
    -I really agree with that statement..!With technology we can really progress..!

    While I was reading the SONA 2008of PGMA, I also noticed that most of her 'affilations' were regarding the agrarian reform and vat in our country..And ,of course, her unending thanks to the COngress..^^

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