Sunday, August 10, 2008

HRM-Directed Points in PGMA's 2008 SONA


The President's 8th State of the Nation Address was clearly dedicated to the human resources. All her efforts are directed towards us, the citizens, for which we have to be thankful. It only shows that we are being taken cared of but it's just because of the limitations of other resources that we feel rejected and uncared for. So, as I read the president's speech, I listed some of the government's efforts to help and develop the human resources.

1. Directed towards the youth is the 1 billion pesos allotment for college scholarships or financial help to 70,000 students. This is a step needed in order to produce globally competitive graduates. Simply, this means opportunity to those who wish to study but can't afford to. By giving scholarships and financial help to deprived students, the nation is molding a new batch of future employees and employers, which will sustain the needs of the working force. There will a lesser percentage of uneducated workers and in effect, affect the company's progress.

2. "Noong SONA ng 2001, naglunsad tayo sa NCR ng patrabaho para sa 20,000 na out of school youth, na tinawag OYSTER. Ngayon, mahigit 20,000 ang ineempleyo ng OYSTER sa buong bansa. In disaster-stricken areas, we have a cash-for-work program." This is good news to us, most especially to the out-of-school youth. This program gives hope to those who cannot afford to go to school but want to have a clear future. The sad thing in this program is that it was only implemented in NCR. Hopefully, this program will be further implemented in other parts of the country so that more out of school youth will be given the chance to have a career despite their "educational difficulty". Very Happy

3. "Our P 350 million training partnership with the private sector should qualify 60,000 for call centers, medical transcription, animation and software development, which have a projected demand of one million workers generating $13 billion by 2010." Probably the best news of all, this statement from PGMA's speech opens up great opportunities for the unemployed Filipinos. With its great number requirement, hopefully, there will still be a place for us when we graduate. This time, we cannot say that there are no jobs available in the Philippines. We only need to look for them.

So, there you have it. There are other programs for HR development in PGMA's 8th SONA. If you read the whole of it, you will clearly see that the government's efforts are directed to the citizens. I'm glad to hear and read that we will have a future waiting for us when we graduate. But it would be even more desirable if a little more effort is put into developing programs that would cover a large fraction of the population because we can really use it. lol!


  1. yep I agree. There ARE jobs in the Philippines and yes we need to look for them
    but just like sir gamboa said that
    because of the lack of proper training and needed skills...
    out of 100 applicants, 3 are only hired! (o_0)
    tsk. tsk. tsk.
    oh well, hehehe..

    by the way, nice entry kate!


    PS. thnx for dropping by at my blog!

  2. hopefully what PGMA stated in her SONA will be put into actionz..
    cause there are millions of Filipinos who really need those..
    they would be heart broken if those wont come true..

    God Bless..

  3. yeah..I'm also glad to hear there's a future waiting for us when we graduate.^^

    i just hoped that those mentioned by the president were meant whole-heartedly.