Saturday, August 23, 2008

The Future in OR is Not So Dark After All

Our prelim grades for Operations Research were finally posted in Sir C's blog. My heart thumped nervously in my chest. My hand shook as I pointed the cursor to the "moment of truth".

Click here to see the list of Prelim Grades for OR


I did it! I want to scream out loud!!! *screams out loud*

I PASSED our prelim! I was really expecting a grade of 69 or maybe lower because I know that I didn't pass even one quiz. I didn't even come close to passing one at that! But I did it. I'm thankful that I was able to get a decent score in the exam and I think that helped my grade A LOT.

And here I thought I was going to fail prelim. *screech!* There's still midterm and finals, right? Well, I have to do even better. This will not be the subject to bring me down!!!


  1. same hir etak..
    i really want to scream after knowing that i also passed..Thanks God! congrats for passing OR!! kudos!! study more.. we stilll have midterm and finals


  2. yeah ryt.ü
    am nOt riLi xPecting
    tO pass..haha.
    i hAd da bAddest eFfort ever.

    am nOt riLi ntereSted wid it.
    bUt i hAd nO chOice..

    wEL,cOngratz etak!haha.
    gUd jOb.
    nd, gUD luck.muah!♥