Friday, September 26, 2008

Interview with HR Personnel

Okay... So I didn't conduct a formal interview. It was online, actually.

I interviewed Mr. Gideon Lambert, a private loan lender. According to him, Human Resource Management is the act of coordinating the labor force in an organization. Furthermore, it is the act of getting the labor force to work together towards an objective.

In their organization, HRM is involved with Time Reporting, Time & Attendance, Workforce Management, Payroll and Personnel Accounting, Supply Chain Management, Integrated Human Resources Utilities, Application Lifecycle Management(ALM), Learning Management Systems (LMS), Enterprise Content Management (ECM). I asked him to explain what this "Integrated Human Resources Utilities" is and according to him, it is a case study that shows you how to create a centralized security management console and flexibly customize, deploy and manage appropriate host-based intrusion protection across multiple tiers of your company's applications. Honestly, I still don't understand it. But basically, all the other things he mentioned, like Time and Attendance, Payroll ad Personnel Accounting are the same as what I learned in school.

But since this is a real organization, there are other things that I didn't learn in the classroom and there are other areas where HRM is involved in real organizations that were not mentioned. Also, according to him, when they hire indigents, they usually sign a contract that they have to hire indigents. This is nice to know. sunny

When I asked him if there ever was a time when his views differed from that of the organization, he said that there was such a time. They settled the differences by a sort of "talk". They make the organization understand that human resources are the most important factors in production. Although I don't really get what he said, I guess I could say that they settle it by considering what's best for the majority.

There are also certain problems concerning the human resources in their organization. He identified two of them, which is the gender and education. According to him, they have some problems with female workers because they cannot keep up with the late hours. And when it comes to education, he said that not all workers are properly educated about their work. I asked why this happened because I know that there is an application process before an employee is actually hired. He said that hiring workers also depend on the number of candidates. So I guess, if there are only a few applicants, the organization have no choice.

I also agree with what he said that if an organization is too tight on the human resources, then it is difficult to achieve their goal. Usually, the problem arises with demographics.

So, I guess I also learned something from this "interview". I learned that there are a lot of other matters involved in Human Resource Management that I cannot learn in the classroom. There are still other complex matters that I could probably understand only when I will have a first-hand experience on them. And I agree with most of what my interviewee said and I'm glad that I'm learning the right things. Hopefully, I get to have other opportunities to explore the world which I am about to enter. study

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