Friday, September 12, 2008

Paying Another Visit to NEDA

Okay... So we just started working on our major paper for HRM.

To begin, we submitted a Gantt Chart that will show our schedules and target dates of work completion. Last Tuesday was our scheduled 2nd company visit. I was really glad that we were able to do another interview with our adopted company because I really felt that the data we have gathered in the previous visits were not sufficient.

So, last Tuesday (September 9, 2008), we called NEDA to see if we can visit them on such a short notice. Luckily, Sir Tep allowed almost instantaneously and we quickly made our way there.

During the interview, we focused on their HRIS because we weren't able to ask about that in our previous visits. I was happy to find out that they, in fact, have an HRIS which they call the NEDA Personnel Information System (NPIS). However, I was also a bit disappointed because their system was not updated.

We were able to ask about Sir Tep's opinion on their NPIS and the reason why it was not updated. He said that it was because their main computer bugged down and so it affected their database. For years, the system was not used and therefore was not updated.

I will post here next time the screen shots of their system... :-)

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