Thursday, October 2, 2008

Insource or Outsource

Okay, so at first I was 50-50 about this topic. However, when I checked online for other people's views and opinions, I was able to decide on OUTSOURCING.

Why outsourcing? First of all, vs. insourcing, outsourcing is cheaper. With the current state of the school(no offense), I doubt that the administration is willing to spend extra money in improving the info system of the school so outsourcing would be the way to go. Why do I say that outsourcing is cheaper? From what I understand, in insourcing, the organization itself will have to provide all the resources needed for the project. Whereas in outsourcing, the people you hire can work for a cheaper cost with the same quality.
Now, while insourcing boosts the morale of in-house talents, it can be more expansive in the long run.

Secondly, outsourcing gives the school more time to focus on what it does best - educating the students. If the administration hires someone from the outside to develop our IS, then their attention would not be divided and would be solely dedicated to its main function as a learning institution.

Finally, according to what I have gathered from other people's opinions, outsourcing creates a competitive environment where different institutions would have to compete for the project. I see this is advantageous because as more and more are competing, the cost would become cheaper. I also see this as an opportunity to broaden our horizon by learning from the work of people outside the school's control. I'm not saying that the school's in-house talents are not good enough but outsourcing could possibly give us a newer perspective on the project.

Outsourcing saves the school from investing in other resources for the project and instead allows the institution to concentrate on its primal function. :-)

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