Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Month of SPOOKS

OCTOBER. The tenth month of the year that is famous for being the month of Horrors. For it is in this month that we celebrate All Hallows Even, or the eve of All Saints Day.

This month is usually associated with spooky stuff, such as ghosts, spirits, and the like. Just recently, I've become very interested with poltergeists. Below is a video I got from youtube that shows a "genuine" poltergeist activity.

Okay, it's up to you if you believe the video or not. Honestly, I'm not a firm believer but I found it rather interesting...

Let's define a poltergeist. A poltergeist is a "noisy spirit". Some people think of poltergeists as playful spirits but the closest definition would be noisy. They are pretty much harmless spirits and manifests themselves by moving or influencing objects. Objects moved by poltergeists are warm to the touch.

From what I learned from an anime that I watched, poltergeists are not only caused by spirits but can also be caused by HUMANS. Yes, that's right. WE can cause poltergeists. Poltergeists caused by humans usually center around adolescent females who have undergone a lot of stress and emotional conflict. Most of the time, these human hosts are unaware that they are the cause of the poltergeist activity. Unconsciously, because of the emotional turmoil that they are experiencing, they cause disturbances in the house and these disturbances usually occur when they are around.

To determine if the cause of the poltergeist is a human or NOT, there is a method called "hypnotic suggestion", which implants a so-called suggestion into the minds of the human subjects. I saw in a certain series one way of doing this. All that is needed is a particular kind of light that emits this sort of hazy and spooky but somewhat calming glow. (Sorry for the somewhat childish description, but that's exactly how I see it. Hehe) Oh, and you need to turn all the lights off.

Step 1: Have the human subjects concentrate on the light.
Step 2: Have them pace their breathing to the rhythm of the light. (The light blinks veeerrryyy slowly)
Step 3: Let them relax their shoulders and count their breathing to themselves.
Step 4: When the subjects seem hypnotized by the light, suggest something to them. (i.e. A vase will move in this room tonight. OR The chair in the middle of the room will move).
Step 5: Finally, turn on the lights!

If the method is successful, there should be some reaction from the subjects when they see the object mentioned. And IF that object moved or reacted in some way according to the suggestion, then the culprit of the poltergeist is a HUMAN. If not, then the culprit is said to be of another life form...

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