Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Looking 5 Years Into the Future

A responsible and dynamic IT professional - that's what I envision myself to be in the next five years...
Before laying out my plans here, you might ask me why I wanted to become a "responsible" and "dynamic" IT professional. Sure, anyone can learn programming or database management, but not everyone can document their work, apply it to business strategies, and more importantly, take responsibility for their work. And in this world where change is the only constant thing, professionals should be flexible and adaptive to the different situations they face everyday. Therefore, I want to be that kind of professional - responsible and dynamic. It may sound cliche but I think these two words pretty much sum up all the qualities that I need to possess in order to become successful in my chosen profession.

I have to admit that until now, I don't have an exact vision of myself in the next five years. I don't know what kind of job I would get or what company I will be working for, but I am resolved with my vision of myself as an individual.

So far, the following are my plans to move nearer to, if not attain, that goal and honestly, I don't know if they are strategic:
1. Work in an IT-driven company for my OJT. :-)
2. Attend career seminar workshops that would help me in my job application.
3. Graduate in 2010, while I'm still 18. (SEE OTHER BLOG POST)
4. If I graduate on time, I will take up my master's degree and teach part-time.
5. Put up a non-profit website that would earn only through advertising programs.

6. To diversify my skills, I will write articles for a "certain" magazine. (this is also serves as my contingency plan)
7. Attend as many seminars or conferences as I can to broaden my knowledge.
8. Use the Internet effectively as a tool to acquire relevant and beneficial information.
9. Expose myself to and willingly embrace the changes in my surroundings, which include the environmental surroundings and technological environment.
10. Use my theoretical knowledge and practical skills to solve the problems of other people and business organizations.

Now, I am currently in my 3rd year as a BSIT student at the USEP-IC. To attain my goal, I know that my chosen institution has a role to play. This is where I am trained to be responsible. However, I cannot say that my institution alone can train me to be dynamic because there is a wider world beyond the four corners of the classroom. I am glad that some subjects allow us to visit real companies and learn from them. My institution cannot give me everything that I need to achieve my goal but I think that it is part of being responsible that I break out of the classroom confinement and explore the world outside the school. It is my job to make up for what my institution cannot give me. However, I do believe that my institution is a training ground or nest where I am brought up but which I will be taking off from when I am ready to face the diversity of the world before me.


  1. hi kate..

    thank you for that very heartwarming comment of yours to my blog.. i really appreciate it..

    well anyways i envy you more for being into this stage as young and beautiful as you are right now..

    i have read your future plans and i was or am rather impressed for such great envisions. please do continue your out flowing courage and dedication to the course..

    i wish to see you happy on your chosen path and i will be very glad to salute your great achievements..

    wishing you all the best! :-)

  2. helo kate nice post...

    after reading this, i admit i too have no plans at all.. ahahha

    anyways... coz im not into my course, maybe i'l learn to love this like u do... keep it up kate....

    good work as always


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