Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Reflection on RSG's Sermon (MIS 2)

Why do organizations fail? It's not because they FAIL to PLAN, but because they PLAN to FAIL. I found this statement to be the most resounding thing in RSG's sermon in our MIS 2 class on Monday, November 24, 2008.

When I was asked by RSG about what I see myself to be in, say, the next five years, I couldn't give an answer. Honestly, if I'm asked for my vision, I would say that I envision myself working in NASA, that is, given the definition of vision as a big and almost impossible dream. And I cannot possibly relate that vision to why I'm taking up my course right now... :-)

During RSG's lecture, he mentioned the question I wrote above. Applying this philosophy to us students, he so boldly said that we are planning towards failure with the way we are now. I couldn't agree more. It is shameful to admit it but I really cannot say that I know where I'm headed. Even after I have posted my so-called plans in a previous post, I am actually just riding along with wherever situations take me and I cannot help but be afraid that my attitude would lead me to failure.

After hearing RSG's lecture, I was able to pick up something that would help me assess myself and know where I can be. He mentioned S.W.O.T. or Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats. Using this, I could identify my strong and weak points and be able to derive a plan to make the best out of my strengths and overcome my weaknesses. This will also help me outline the opportunities waiting for me, considering the first two attributes, and isolate the threats that I would face. By identifying these four aspects, I could possibly come up with a plan that would hopefully enlighten me and lead me to the path I should be taking.

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  1. whew!!

    that's nice to hear kate!
    speaking like an expert already!
    anyway, i like it.
    what you have posted were the things in my mind that i couldn't organize.
    anyway, let me reflect on it..

    god bless!