Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Soul Eater

A sound "soul" resides within a sound mind and a sound body... - The famous opening line to my latest anime addiction, Soul Eater!

Soul Eater revolves around the lives of a group of Shibusen [Shinigami Buki Shokunin Senmon GakkĊ] students. This group is composed of meisters and weapons. The school is run by a death god [Deathnote, anyone?], everyone calls Shinigami-sama. The meisters, with their weapons, must collect 99 kishin egg souls and 1 witch soul, in order to fulfill their ultimate goal, that is to make their weapon into Shinigami-sama's Death Scythe. The weapons are also humans and they eat whatever souls they collect. However, eating human souls is forbidden.

The main characters are Maka Albarn, the teenage daughter of Shinigami-sama's Death Scythe, and Soul Eater Evans, Maka's weapon and partner. Though I consider them as the main characters in the series, the other characters- such as Black Star [a show-off meister], Tsubaki [Black Star's partner/weapon], Death the Kid [Shinigami-sama's son], and Liz and Patty [Kid's twin weapons/partners]- all get their fair share in the limelight.

Soul Eater is of the action, adventure, comedy, drama, shounen, supernatural, and [a little bit] ecchi genres. While it encompasses almost all genres of anime, the most outstanding thing that I found about it is its ability to effectively inject comedy into certain situations without making it corny. Soul Eater is spontaneous and the characters' rather weird but interesting personalities will make you love them. Even the sun and moon were brought to life and given laughable personalities.

I must admit that I was a bit put off by the drawing at first. It's not very detailed and somewhat odd-looking, especially the backgrounds and settings and the characters' designs are not as beautiful as the typical anime. But don't let looks fool you. You might miss a very good show. Quite surprisingly, it gives off a refreshing feeling when I watch it because of the different design and adventurous story.

Spanning 51 episodes, though still ongoing, Soul Eater will keep you entertained and thrilled with every soul-slashing episode!

Featuring the voices of: Omigawa Chiaki as Maka Albarn, Uchiyama Koki as Soul Eater Evans, Kobayashi Yumiko as Black Star, Miyano Mamoru as Death the Kid, etc...

Trivia: Did you know...?
>>> Miyano Mamoru, Kid's seiyuu [voice actor] in Soul Eater, is also the seiyuu of some famous anime characters, such as:
Tamaki Suoh from Ouran High School;
Yagami Light from Death Note; and
Kiryuu Zero from Vampire Knight.



  1. omoshiroi,ne?onee-chan?

    you did well in describing the anime...but when i was reading it i noticed that i'm having one of my nosebleeds again...(i'm sorry i was born...)
    continue posting anime topics...

  2. @ anonymous

    glad to hear that you liked it! arigatou!

    anyway, i would also appreciate it if you updated your blog constantly. 'kay?

    oh, and i'll try to post as many animes as i can here!

  3. egad... how cute is papa tamaki.. hahah
    i already saw about 30 or less eps of soul eater and it is really cool.. with the animation and story line its really entertaining..
    especially the sun and the moon LOL

  4. Hehe I too am addicted to this show.Its funny,and it has a very good plotline and yes I did know Kid's voice actor was Yagami Light but not the other ones though lol.

  5. @kawaii lulu:

    Hi! I'm really glad to hear that you like this, too. Do you read the manga? I think the plot changed a lot in the anime. The manga has more details and goes way beyond the anime. Anyway, the anime has really nice art. Kinda weird...but refreshing. :-)