Thursday, January 1, 2009

The SDLC of Life - MY Life

Following the SDLC model, what do I have in store for my future? Check out my version of the SDLC in connection to my plans in life. I DO NOT PLAN TO FAIL!!!
My life cycle begins with the conception/identification of my long-term goal- that is to become a responsible IT professional. I started with this so that the following steps after this would serve as my plans towards achieving the goal that I identified.

The second step now is analysis. In my life cycle, analysis means that I have to identify or breakdown the possible tasks or short-term goals that I need to accomplish to reach the long-term goal. Probably some of these short-term goals are to graduate from high school, graduate from college, etc. This is the step where I also have to forecast the potential risks or obstacles that stand in the way of me achieving my goals.

After the analysis phase of my life cycle, the next phase would be planning. Don't get confused with my life cycle now. This is where I will have to lay out my plans towards achieving the short-term goals and the long-term goal. I will build my plans or strategies based on the factors that I identified in the analysis phase. This is also where I plan my strategies in order to overcome or avoid the risks or obstacles that I identified in the earlier phase. This is a very vital part of my life cycle because, as what RSG's been telling us, we should not be planning to fail. So, it is here that I need to set everything straight and outline a straight path towards the fulfillment of my goals.

The next phase now would be to initiate the plan or put it into action. In a more technical perspective, this is the implementation phase. Since I already have conceived my goals, identified the risks and laid down a plan, it is time to enact it. In a way, my studying in my course is one form of implementing my plans.

Evaluation comes next. Just like in the SDLC, I should evaluate my plans and my actions. When I think of it, the thing that comes into my mind is RSG's constant prompts about our plans in life. I think he wants us to evaluate what we've done with it so far, if we don't have a plan, or if we do, are we following it. I believe this is also an important part in my life cycle because this is where I can justify my efforts. This is where I determine how far I've gone with my plan, if I'm close to achieving my long-term goal. This also serves as a basis to rethink my plans and formulate new strategies.

And probably the final phase would be the achievement of my goal. This phase is somewhat analogous to the product delivery phase in SDLC. This is the finished product, the result of all my efforts. 

Right now, I am switching to and from implementation, evaluation, and planning. Quite honestly, the path that I want to take is still somewhat vague so I am still in the process of getting a firm footing on what I really have to do. In connection to the predictive or adaptive approach to my life plan, I would say that I'm leaning more heavily towards the adaptive approach. No matter how many plans or strategies I have already written down, I still cannot say for sure that I will be able to follow them. However, I want to be in a position between these two approaches where I have a firm, solid plan but one that is flexible enough to allow for changes or spontaneity.


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  1. go kate..we need better planning. we all don't plan to fail..we only fail because we think we are failures..