Friday, January 16, 2009

Desperate Students During Math Exams

Disclaimer: I do not own these images. They were sent to me via e-mail and they are not meant to discriminate anyone. I just want to share the fun with you! Perhaps you can derive some "inspiration" from them.

For our appetizer, a computation gone wrong!

More desperation!!!

The Batman Equation

Very Clever Expansion

Sensible Reasoning

The Hunt for x

Visual Learner

Canceling Out the Headache in Trigonometry


Cancellation Nation

Mutation Equation

Did you have fun? So, next time you just can't figure out a math problem, think of these students who oh-so-brilliantly overcame their math exams.


  1. yupz you're right
    to study is to fail.. it can be compared to the saying that "practice makes perfect but nobody is perfect so why practice??"

    hahaha just kidding.!!

  2. hmm.. i had fun.. hehehe..

    i wud guess those formulas are created by a filipino.. waah!! < correct me if i'm wrong..> hehhehe..

    why bother on hard things if we cud make it simple.. hehehe.. nice entry kate.. keep it up!..