Saturday, January 31, 2009

Going for Outsource

This assignment is somewhat similar to some previous assignment we had in MIS 1...

Just like before, I am leaning more towards outsourcing than in-sourcing. For organizations, money is not the only object that they need to watch out for. Probably a more important object in modern organizations is time. The decision to outsource is often made in the interest of lowering firm or making better use of time and energy costs, and redirecting or conserving energy that will be directed towards the business's core competencies. In simpler terms, outsourcing allows an organization to answer their needs[the reason for outsourcing] and focus their attention on developing their business and strategies. With the worries about in-house development solved by purchasing solutions from outside, they can now direct their resources and energy towards the more critical and essential aspects of the organization. They can now focus on what their primary role is and invest their time and effort in that role.

For USEP, I will still recommend outsourcing. Why? Let me give you one scenario. Two of IC's faculty, [Highlight to view] Engr. Michael Angelo Cagape and Dr. Tamara Cher Mercado, were just recently tasked to develop a new enrollment system for USEP. What are the repercussions of this event? First, both faculty, before the job, handled several classes for major subjects in IC. When they were assigned to develop the system, they had to give up their classes. The effect this had on the college and the students was time wastage. In the part of the college where the faculty belong to, they had to look for replacements who can teach the subjects the two faculty members formerly handled. Not only does this cost the university money, but also cost the students their time, time that should have been utilized to learn more about their subjects. Even after the two faculty members finish developing the system, who will introduce the system and train the users? It will still be them. And all this time, the university is paying them. Maybe for the faculty it is advantageous because they are getting paid, but for the paying organization, USEP, it is disadvantageous.

So, how would outsourcing be beneficial to USEP? Basing on the previous scenario that I mentioned, outsourcing the system will not only benefit USEP but also the students. They will not have to pay the faculty who are developing the system. The faculty will not have to pull out from their classes to do the job. The college will not have to look for and pay the substitute teachers who filled in for the faculty. The student's studies will not have to be affected and delayed for weeks or even months.

This is only my opinion when talking about USEP. However, such approach might not work out for other organizations and it is still necessary that they plan about whether to in-source or outsource carefully and weigh the pros and cons that apply to their organization.

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  1. we have tackled this one again and again and all that is left the say is that I go for outsourcing.!! esp in USEP because we, IC carry the burden most when insourcing is done tsk tsk