Saturday, February 14, 2009

Jumpstart the ISP Implementation for the University

I would assume that the question refers only to the actual implementation of the IS plan, and therefore it is a given that we already have a background and a plan.

The first step would be to coordinate with the parties involved cheers in the IS implementation, since they will be the ones performing the roles in the IS plan. This also requires orienting the people involved about the different roles that need to be played in the IS plan.

The second step would be to assign responsibilities and set timelines cyclops. This entails the development of efficient working plans that are constituted by the specific steps or action plans to implement the ISP. Setting timelines for taking action in the ISP is very important to ensure that the plan is being carried out efficiently and productively and also to see results within a specified timeframe.

The third step is to allocate resources king for the implementation of the ISP. This is a very critical part in the implementation of the IS plan in the university where the budget for carrying out the ISP will be laid out in detail. A well-made IS plan will go to waste if the necessary resources are not allocated to it. Without resources, it is nearly impossible to expedite the implementation of the ISP. Money is always involved and so even our university cannot escape from this fact. There are other necessary resources to expedite the ISP. Some of these are people, time and physical resources. All these and more need to be properly and adequately allocated to ensure that the plan will not fail.

The fourth step would be to monitor progress Arrow. Milestones should be identified and the parties involved should see to it that the milestones are achieved. Milestones are very efficient measures of progress because it divides the whole project into smaller and more achievable tasks. Every milestone achieved can also motivate the people involved, as they are assured that they are making progress with the implementation of the ISP. Rather than setting a large and distant measure of progress, milestones can be used to keep track of progress in the smaller picture.

The final step now would be to compare the results I love you of the actual implementation of the ISP to the original plan. This would serve as a basis for revising the original action plan. Since it can't be helped that the actual implementation of the ISP in the university would not follow the written plan exactly, it is necessary to compare how the plan is doing when it is carried out to how the plan is doing based on projections in the original plan.

*I based my answers on one of the pdf files given to us by RSG... I found it very helpful and informative...:-)* study

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