Saturday, March 21, 2009

PhilNITS Review: The Other Half

Today, March 21, 2009, a Saturday, we attended another session of review for the April PhilNITS exam. This time Sir Loy gave us a sample exam for the afternoon part. The second part is focused mainly on the Java and C/C++ programming languages. It is also more of tracing a code and determining the correct statement that should be filled in to make the program correct. Unlike the morning exam, the afternoon exam was WAAAYYYY more challenging, at least in my opinion. There were only 7 questions to the sample exam but each one was very lengthy and confusing. Now I don't wonder why the exam is still allotted two and a half hours- it requires several minutes to just comprehend a problem, let alone solve it!

But, since it was still our first time taking the exam, I couldn't blame us if we get low scores. :-) Still, it's the first time that I felt somewhat downhearted about ever passing the actual PhilNITS exam...

I will make a vow to myself that whatever happens, I will DO MY BEST during the review and more importantly during the real deal!!!

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