Tuesday, April 28, 2009


It's been a while since I last updated my blog. I was kinda busy with my dragon eggs and stuff... Haha. And there's also the thing with the PhilNITS FE Exam which was held last Sunday, April 26, 2009. I didn't post anything about that here because...erm... well, I really didn't know what to say.

Moving on, as you may have noticed, I changed the title of my blog from "The Mind's Fortress" to "CORNUCOPIA". I noticed recently that my blog entries were not so "schooly" anymore. I've begun writing about anime and other non-school matters and that totally defeated the previous title.

CORNUCOPIA simply means abundance or variety. So I chose this title to represent the overall content of my entries. Since my entries range from school stuff, to computers, to anime/manga, etc., I thought it would be best to have a blog title that would embrace everything I would be posting about here. Below is a picture of a CORNUCOPIA:
Okay, so it looks like a horn. But it's a symbol for abundance and variety- just like the entries in my blog. So, dear readers, expect to read different topics in my blog. I like to keep 'em far-reaching or something like that. 'Til my next entry, bye!


  1. nice header title there...
    hows ur exam??

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  3. thanks, te kha! :D

    the exam didn't go well... heheh. i didn't pass.