Thursday, April 30, 2009

Koukou Debut (High School Debut)

Since it's summer and I have some free time, I've been digging up some new anime to watch or manga to read. In my search for something to break the boredom, I stumbled upon this manga entitled "Koukou Debut" (High School Debut), which was featured as MangaTraders' Manga of the Week. What caught my attention first was the art- I really liked it. It was somewhat detailed yet clean. So I decided to try it.

After reading the first volume, I thought that the story was really cute and it resembled two of my favorite series, Lovely Complex and Bokura ga Ita. However, while Lovely Complex borders on hilarity and Bokura ga Ita borders on seriousness, Koukou Debut is somewhere in the middle with the right combination of funny and serious moments. The direct and sometimes blunt responses of the characters to certain topics about school, love, and life make the series more interesting and alive. The heroine is one that is hard to put down- unlike most heroines in manga where they're usually helpless or dependent on the other characters (sometimes I don't wonder why the supporting characters are called "supporting", if you get what I mean). The male lead is a very interesting character as he is able to convey emotions that guys normally wouldn't be able to and admit that he is embarrassed by it. All the other characters play important roles in the development of the story and the characters themselves.

I am not going to spoil you with the detailed summary or plot of the series here. Instead, I'm going to let you decide whether you would give this series a try based on my thoughts above. If you know the story of Lovely Complex or Bokura ga Ita, then you probably already have an inkling of what this series is all about. Koukou Debut is made up of thirteen (13) volumes and the story continues in its sequel entitled "Enren Debut", which has one (1) volume released. It was written and drawn by Kawahara Kizune.

So, you can READ IT HERE online or DOWNLOAD HERE. You need to be registered to download.


  1. koukou debut, is the new manga that you've finished reading right? so, have you read the sequel?

    from the picture you posted, yoh, looks like the singer kisho taniyama, tsukimori's seiyuu. with the eye bags, and highlights, they look pretty similar...

  2. yes, i agree. yoh does look like kisho taniyama.

    another connection!

    i haven't read the sequel yet but i plan to- ASAP.

  3. Ahah, I own this. It's really good! ;p

  4. I think yoh looks Goth