Sunday, May 31, 2009

My Summer Read/Watch List

Today is the last day of May- that means the END of Summer Break (as if I got any... haha. :D ). I'm still doing my On-the-Job training (twelve more hours!) and I am happy with what I've learned from them so far. Anyway, I managed to allot some time for my hobbies- more like addiction- and I came up with quite a long list of new manga to read and anime to watch.




In English, "Black Butler". I discovered the manga first and I was drawn in by the art. Then I learned that it was already produced into an anime with 24 episodes and so I got into downloading them right away! Truth be told, I haven't watched even one episode of it! Haha. Okay, so basically it's about this multi-talented butler serving a young master. But it seems that the butler has a hidden agenda... I haven't gone far with the manga, but I'm liking it. The characters also resemble some characters from Kyo Kara Maou and others say it has shounen-ai (boy's love) to it. Read it online HERE. Watch it online HERE.

Pandora Hearts

Again, I came to know the manga first. The anime is currently airing with 9 episodes already out. I also haven't watched one episode but hey, I just download what I can for now and save it for later. :D What drew me into watching this are the crisply drawn outfits of the characters. The story is also full of surprises- something that's really hard to find in most anime/manga, which are too predictable to even keep you from gasping in surprise once in a while. Believe me, this is a definite must-see and must-read! As an afterthought, if you've seen Suteki Tantei Labyrinth, you'll find that the main characters look quite alike. Read it online HERE. Watch it online HERE.


Barajou no Kiss

"Kiss of the Rose Princess" in English. The story is quite similar to that of Pretear (first thing that came to mind, actually :D ), where a normal girl receives some mysterious power and is given four (handsome) knights that she can summon to come to her aide. There are five chapters out in English and I'm hoping that more will come soon! The drawing has crisp, thick lines that make it look like anime. I like the art here better than Pretear and the main girl is not hateable like Himeno (Pretear). Read it online HERE.

Faster than a Kiss

In my own dissertation, the title was probably inspired by the fact that the main characters are already married and have not kissed yet. Why, you ask? That's because the girl is a 16 year-old high school student and the guy is the girl's 24 year-old English teacher. Their story didn't start out slow, like how most stories do. Instead, their marriage was prompted by the girl's difficult situation- both of her parents died, she has a little brother to take care of, and their relatives are uncooperative. The teacher was the only one who offered to support her and her brother. The girl, fed up by her situation, challenged him that if he's really sure then he should be able to marry her. The manga is funny and it makes me think of someone I know who has this...thing for one of our teachers. ;) *Ehem! Not gonna say anymore...* Read it online HERE.

Gakuen Ouji

This is one of the craziest manga I've ever read! :r It's a little smutty, but the comedy makes up a lot for that. Basically, the story is set in a previously all-girls school that was made into co-ed (meaning, boys can now also enroll) and how the girls in the school satisfy their long-starved sexual appetite by chasing after the withered male population. What makes it so funny are the explicit references to sex by the girls and how they are portrayed as "sexual predators"(can't believe I had to use this... Haha). It's like the food chain's been turned upside-down! The art is good and not too extravagant- just enough to portray the characters properly. There are five chapters in english that are currently out. Read it online HERE.

Kaichou wa Maid-sama!

"The Student Council President is a Maid!" is just one of the varied english translations of the title. The characters sort of resemble those from Special A but I like this one better. The situation here is opposite to that of Gakuen Ouji. Here, the school is previously an all-boys school that was turned into co-ed. Fortunately for the small population of girls, the school president is a hardworking and energetic girl. Girls look up to her and boys fear her, but what they don't know is that she works part time at a maid cafe serving her "masters". This was to remain a secret to uphold her president image but unfortunately, the school's "number 1" guy happened to discover her secret. Read it online HERE.

Kyou, Koi wo Hajimemasu

"Today, Love Starts" is one of the varying english translations of the series' title. This series is- though typical for manga- nicely drawn. It also contains smutty scenes but not too excessive. The main characters' love story started out with a bet that the guy can make the nerdy girl fall in love with him within three months. He lost the bet but afterwards, they both came to realize that they like each other. Be warned though that there are some french-kissing scenes here that were drawn in detail. But honestly, I'm starting to dislike the main girl because she's changed so much! Still, I think I'm going to continue reading this because of some issues that are slowly making their way to the surface... Read in online HERE.


Alright! That's about it. I have several more in my list but the ones I listed above were the most remarkable. If you're bored, I would definitely recommend reading them! Though I doubt I'll be able to keep up with them... I'm becoming more fidgety as the first day of class draws nearer. Could it be because I know I'm going to be SAD? Haha. :-s

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the images above. They are rightfully owned by the authors, producers, creators, etc. of the series.


  1. you have so many mangas to wait for the update...good luck! :D hope you have patience...

    though, the mangas you're waiting for is worth it...

  2. KATE....SKIP BEAT...HAHAHAHa nice lageh na imo listahan ai..mangau kog copy sa anime ha...jejeje ayaw nasa ang manga

  3. @ate hannah

    erm... my laptop still isn't fixed yet, so... hehe. but if you want, i have kuroshitsuji completed in my computer. :D

    thanks for the comment!

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