Saturday, June 6, 2009

La Corda d'Oro Secondo Passo Episode 2

It's June 6 today and so I embedded Episode 2 of La Corda d'Oro ~ Secondo Passo. Everyone enjoy!

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The anime is good in terms of art. In fact, I find the art here better than the original anime. The music was good, too, but not really great- there were only a few pieces to go around. Now that I've cleared up that the art and music are acceptable, the plot, however, is an utter disappointment.

So the plot is nowhere near the manga and what's also disappointing is how rushed the special felt. Though I couldn't exactly blame the producers because it was just 2 episodes, but still... Anyway, on the good side, I did find some scenes funny. An example would be the scene between Tsukimori and Kaji- too identical to Tsukimori and Hino's scene in the original anime! Talk about deja vu. :D

The special episode was supposed to introduce the THREE new game characters but it turned into a "Kaji Aoi Special" instead. Not that I have anything against Kaji but Kira and Etou barely even got airtime! And Etou suddenly popped into Kaji and Hino's scene and walked away from it just as suddenly. It makes one wonder how he managed to get inside the school grounds when he's not even a student of the academy... yet. Haha. Going back to Kaji... Well, the episode was focused on him and how he was brought back to the viola. The funny thing is, that happened because the other guys were practically singing (!) to him about Hino and how her love for the violin made her come this far inspite of her lacking skills. It was like they were promoting her to him or something. Even Tsukimori said something nice.

Overall, the special didn't meet my expectations but hey, this might only be me- I don't know about you. If you're such a fan of bishies, then you wouldn't be disappointed- the bishies look better here! But if you're one to look for plot and deeper stuff, then you would surely be disappointed.

If you missed the first episode, you can watch it here.


  1. when is the Episode 3 of the La Corda d'Oro Secondo Passo Episode 2 coming?.

  2. i'm afraid there's so news of an episode 3 of secondo passo. various sources say that the special is only made up of 2 episodes for a total of 1 hour.

    well, there isn't really much to go on with the plot of secondo passo. it's different from the manga so if they're going to continue it, it's probably going to be a whole other story. :D

  3. i meant "NO" news of an episode 3.

  4. ...thanks for the upload of the second episode...i was disappointed by the second episode. it failed to meet my expectations. my effort for waiting was wasted.

  5. but the episode don't seem to end the whole SPECIAL.
    the hino seem to be performing next

  6. @ yuan y u a n

    yeah. the ending was a cliffhanger. but it's just a special, after all. it was only meant to introduce the 3 new corda game characters. plus, the plot was totally off the manga, except for a few details.

    like i said, there's no news of an episode 3 and i'm not looking forward to it either. it'd probably have a different story all together if it would pick up from where the special ended...