Monday, July 13, 2009

COMDDAP 2009 Learnings

The COMDDAP (Computer Manufacturers, Distributors, and Dealers Association of the Philippines) Davao Expo 2009 was held at the Apo View Hotel last July 2-4, 2009. It was a fun event to go to, especially if you are a techno-enthusiast. For students like me, it was an awesome experience- awesome in the sense that I got to see innovations in technology that I never knew existed until then.

I went to the expo on the first day and attended a couple of seminars that they held for free. There were many booths to visit and many freebies to get, well, for free! Some of the more prominent brands that participated in the exhibit were Canon, HP, Neo, and many others. Most of the booths also sell their (normally) expensive products at a discounted price. That was actually one of the good things about the expo- you can buy a lot of stuff at a lower price than when you buy them at ordinary stores.

Seminars were held simultaneously with the exhibit and I signed up for a couple of them. The first seminar was in the morning, which was about Microsoft’s latest Server operating system, Windows Server 2008. Unfortunately though, I did not sign up for that and I regretted it when I saw some of my classmates come out of the seminar room with smiles on their faces. I couldn’t help but wonder what happened.

Anyway, I attended the seminar that was held at 1:00 pm (well, it actually started at a later time because the speaker was late). It was about the ERIC DMS (Dealership Management System). At first, I thought that it would be interesting because the speaker would be talking about a “system”. However, it turned out pretty boring, especially during the earlier part because I could barely understand anything. I had the feeling that we weren’t supposed to be the audience of that seminar- it was more targeted to people who have businesses in the automotive industry or professionals. There was a catch to their system, actually, which was the “Brilliant” DMS. I guess I could agree with that because when the speaker showed us snapshots of the system during the later part, the system really did perform various tasks. There were many screens, functions, and features and it seemed flawless. However, as what one professional (well, I think he was a professional) raised, the system, even with its superb security features, still cannot escape from the human risk factor. I think this is one major flaw of developed systems- a system cannot really function fully without some kind of human intervention. And when humans intervene, problems are bound to happen. The most important thing that I learned from this seminar is to make a system that will still run efficiently even without using all of its features. In a way, a system should be made up of modules that are independent of each other but can still work together. I will try to keep this in mind since I think this will be useful in our SAD projects. Before the end of this session, the speaker gave away CDs that contained his presentation that day and I was fortunate enough to have been given one (I have long arms, after all Very Happy ).

The next seminar was conducted at past 2:00 pm and by HP (Hewlett-Packard). The seminar was to introduce their newest product, the HP Thin Client. I have heard of this before but I haven’t actually seen one so it was a good opportunity to get a good look at the thin client. Based on what I learned and what I could remember, the thin client can actually be considered a green technology because it saves more energy and power than ordinary terminals. It was a technology that caught my attention because of its size and its features and capabilities. The thin client is pretty expensive compared to ordinary units but that is only true in the immediate cost (ex. Buying the thin client). If you compute the total operating (or ownership- not sure which is which) cost of a thin client and an ordinary terminal, including their power consumptions and maintenance, the thin client actually leaves room for profit. However, cost is probably not the main advantage of the thin client- it’s in the improved computing experience that it can give you. The thin client does not have a hard disk and storage comes in flash drives. Viruses are a no-go because you just have to reboot the thin client to remove the virus (nice feature, ne?). Yeah, the features sound pretty awesome, right? BUT I honestly don’t think that it’s practical for individual users. The thin client was designed to improve the performance of a networked setup- not a one-computer system. It’s at its best if it’s connected to a central server. Also, I don’t think it is appropriate for students like me because it usually only has a 1 GB RAM and that is not enough for heavy application users. Another feature of the thin client is its ability to “heal” itself when it encounters failure (ex. Shutting down unexpectedly). This is often problematic in ordinary computers because not all of the data can be recovered. The thin client eliminates this by simply reloading an “image” of your work to your terminal. But the question is, what will happen to the thin client if the server fails? True, the thin client is a great power saver and works great in a network but it does have its share of shortcomings. Like I said, it works best if it’s a part of a network where there are low demands for memory-intensive applications. It absolutely just isn’t practical for a normal user, say a student like me, who use many applications at once or use heavy applications. Still, for a corporate setup, I think the thin client will outdo ordinary terminals. The focus should now probably be on the server.

My experience at COMDDAP was filled with fun and learning. I had to laugh at the scene because majority of the visitors were actually USEPians. Still, I think I liked the previous expos better – the one I went to during my first year in college – because there were more booths and exhibits compared to this year. But looking back to that time, well, that expo did not have the thin client or the DMS. Wow, technology does work wonders. One moment it’s hot and the next it’s not. It only goes to show that technology is rapidly evolving and the Philippines (specifically Davao) is trying its best to keep up with technology’s long strides. Simply walking around the venue let’s you witness firsthand the foundations of the future. Events like the COMDDAP Davao Expo 2009 reassure me of my reason for choosing IT.


  1. the experience was really a fun one.. if I only have money at that time I would buy almost all the things being shown there.

    I was most interested in thin clients though. the talk about dealership management systems were not that exciting for me. Technical terms are used a lot in that talk and visualizing it is hard unlike with the thin client which was lively.

    but then again it was fun and geeky..hahaha

  2. more events like COMDDAP wud be very helpful for us to know latest tech gadgets of today... the thin client discussion was very interesting and much more entertaining! hehehe...

    u said: "I had to laugh at the scene because majority of the visitors were actually USEPians"

    i say: we were all like "huh?!" "what??" on the ERIC DMS presentation...


  3. Hi! Kate,

    Thank you so much for the write-ups/feedback. I am sorry for being late, our morning session went overtime then(almost 1PM already) so the organizer need to adjust my presentation time to 1:30PM.

    I am glad also that you appreciate at least the latter part of my presentation (at least the screenshots and concept) despite the fact that it is really meant for automotive business operation which might be far from your interest.

    We have various products and services also aside from DMS which you can see in our website

    Anyway, what is SAD project? are you working already?

    Thank you and Best Regards,


  4. Hi, Sir Celmer! Sorry for the untimely reply... :D I did not expect to see you in my blog, but thank you so much for the comment!

    I'm sorry if I offended you in any way. It was not my intention at all to do so. I'm also sorry that you did not reach your target audience because we (students) pretty much filled up all the slots. Hehe...

    About the SAD project that I mentioned, it's for our Systems Analysis and Design subject. Basically, we are making a web-based system that will automate some of the activities of the university. We started out with developing individual modules and we will then integrate them later this semester.

    I'm still studying, sir. I'm in my 4th year taking up BS in Information Technology. :D

    By the way, Sir, I can't view your profile. I was hoping to reply to you in your blog. Hehe.

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