Thursday, July 2, 2009

COMDDAP Davao Expo 2009

The COMDDAP (Computer Manufacturers, Distributors and Dealers Association of the Philippines) Davao Expo 2009 is currently being held at the Apo View Hotel on July 2-4, 2009.

On the first day alone, we have already made some memories, fun experiences, and fruitful learning from the exhibits and seminars offered for free at COMDDAP. There are various stalls and booths from different computer manufacturers and dealers that showcased the latest technologies, products, and services they have to offer. Many items are also sold there at lower prices compared to when they are sold regularly in stores. There are seminars held with free admission, but there are limited seats so you should have already registered before the event.

Here are some pictures that I was able to take:

For those who want to download the pictures I took, click HERE. Also, if you downloaded from the link I provided, please leave a comment to inform me that you downloaded. If you post the pictures anywhere else, please give credit to the one who took the pictures - me. :D


  1. i already got the zip file. thanks a lot. but i would post about it later. no time for it now. heheh

  2. hey... thanks for the DL link... its was really fun to go there but hopefully next time that I would go there I have a lot of dough.. a lot of things are really nice to buy..

  3. kate, ang date..hehe..July 2-4..hehe..Gadz ni