Friday, July 10, 2009

Research Topic Proposal: Power Management Update 2

My research topic proposal is to compare and evaluate the power management features of Windows-based and Linux-based computers.

Since I will be testing the power management features of Windows and Linux computers, I am planning to run several trials for specified periods of time to compare their "performance". Also, I will be evaluating them according to different power management settings and in the end possibly recommend which power management settings will yield to lower power consumption.

I may also take into consideration what applications are being used on each OS during the trials because this may also affect power consumption. As for the final comparison, I think it WILL involve some computations and statistics to determine the significant difference between the two OS's power management features. Very Happy

If you have more comments, suggestions, violent reactions, what-not's, please feel free to post them so I can look over them. Haha.

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