Sunday, August 9, 2009

Kin'Iro no Corda PC Game Screenshots

The first of the Kin'Iro no Corda dating sim game releases is the PC version. I was fortunate enough to have a copy and play it. :D Below are some screenshots from the game.

From Tsukimori's route:
This is the extra picture after he confessed to my character.

He played the piano for my character and I don't really know why... Haha.

This was the part where he told me something about almost losing the use of his fingers when he was a kid. In the manga, it was because he was bullied.

This is a picture of him playing in the forest. This happened after my character's violin strings snapped and I was back to an "amatuer". I think Amou asked me to play a song and it sounded awful when I played so he intervened and played it for me.

This was a picture from the one-day date at the beach.

I don't really know what exactly happened in this picture. I think he was beginning to suspect my violin so he held it and checked it out, I guess. :D

From Ousaki's route:
I think this is the part where Lili told my character that Ousaki also participated in the concours back then and he also won.

This is the extra picture after his confession.

This is a picture from his date scene with my character and is by far my favorite date scene among all the guys' date scenes. Haha. He took my character for a ride on the ferris wheel at night so I did not lose any practice time during the day. Unlike other characters, they take a whole day off your practice time!

Ahhh... This.... I don't really know what happened in this picture. Sorry.

This is what I loved about Ousaki. He treated my character to a popsicle at the park!

From Kanazawa's route:
Yeah.. This is a picture of how he looked like when he was young. He was a singer.

And an extra picture after his confession.

This... I think someone asked my character to look for him and this was how he was when I found him. He loves cats! Haha.

Picture of the violin when its strings snapped.

There you have it. I'm going to update this post when I play the game again following the route of other characters. This is only from the PC version but I hear the more recent releases of the game have better graphics!

Disclaimer: I do not own any part of the game, or the characters in them. They belong to Koei, Yuki Kure, and all the other people involved in the making and production of the game.


  1. OH MAI! Len is so cute!

  2. @anonymous:

    Yeah, he is. :-) But the character design in the PS games are waaaayyyy better.

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