Thursday, September 17, 2009

PhilNITS FE Exam Help Site

The next PhilNITS FE Exam will be held on October18, 2009. As for the venue, I'm not quite sure. Haha. Sorry. Anyway, for the mean time, I would like to share this very useful link for all PhilNITS reviewers out there.

THIS SITE has downloadable slide presentations of all the topics covered by the Morning part of the PhilNITS FE Exam.

The link was recommended to me by Sheila, whose identity I'm not familiar with. But I really am grateful to her for sharing. Thank you! :D


  1. Great site with loads of valuable information on PhilNITS FE Exam and so much more ..Thankyou for researching all this work.Have a browse at you will be able to remove your blogger Nav Bar and many additional tips.Thanks once again.

  2. thanks, chantel! i really appreciate your comment. ah, but i did not actually do the searching- SHEILA did. i just posted the link she suggested. :D

    oh, and thank you for suggesting bloggertricks.