Saturday, September 5, 2009

Role of Research in Your Career

Let me begin by telling you the ultimate goal of Research – that is, to improve the quality of life. No matter what field, what course you are taking, all researches made in these fields lead to this ultimate goal. It is just like the saying, “All roads lead to Rome”. By knowing this ultimate goal, we have a clear sight of what we should be working towards and keep us on the right track.

Now, you are asking me the role of research in deciding my future career, but I think that there is a hidden question here – that is, why is Research included in our course curriculum in the first place? It is a common misconception that research is only for the experts or big-time professionals. This is definitely not right. True, that the research we are doing now is not really a large-scale research. I think it is just a small taste of the research done by large companies or by experts but it definitely plays an important role in preparing us for the future. Since I am taking up a course where I am or will be playing a major role in the advancement of technology, it is only right that I will be trained in the laborious task of research early on. I am genuinely interested in and fascinated by Research and I really thought that it was a good thing that I had a Research subject in as early as second year high school. I believe that having a background in research will allow me to bravely march up to companies and tell them to hire me. Pretty big-headed of me but if you think about it, having someone with a background in research is a good asset to a company. I have also read the answer of Ate Karren and well, would have to agree that without a research topic now, we probably would not have a future career. Very Happy

Anyway, this now leads us to the answer or answers to the main question – what is the role of research in deciding my future career? I have also been pondering for a long time about how to answer this question. After some deep thought, I finally came up with my answers to the question.

First- and I think this is the most critical one- is that Research identifies your interests. Remember how we are asked to do our research in something we are interested in? Well, this might just be the most important role of research in our careers. As early as now, we can identify what areas our interests lie in. and it is only then that we can know where we are supposed to go. When we identify these areas, we will have the opening to the path which we know we will not regret taking. Just by merely knowing what your interests are will open up a whole new world of ideas and opportunities for you and you can set your focus on this. Doing research in something that does not pique your interests is useless and futile, not to mention boring. Having your interests established on firm ground gives your career decisions a direction and meaning.

Research also stimulates and encourages critical and innovative thinking. Just like what is required when writing a Review of Related Literature, we are driven to really look into things and read between the lines. It plays a big role in quenching our incessant quest for better ways to live life. Thus, in order to achieve that, we are encouraged to think critically about what needs improvement and then think innovatively about how to improve that. I believe that, in our future careers in Information Technology or Computer Science, these two traits will come in handy. Not only will it make our work significant, but fun, as well.

Furthermore, research introduces us to new concepts and gives us the opportunity to test them. There is a whole world of unexplored concepts and ideas and it is only through research that we can gain access to them. However, research is not all about “new” concepts. It is also about unearthing old, outdated ideas and polishing them to come up with a shiny, seemingly new one. The prefix “re-” in “Research” is not there for nothing, you know. Very Happy If I were to define Research, I would say that is simply redefining and improving what is currently known and existing in order to take another step forward.

Another role of research in our careers is it provides us with training that will test our intellect, determination, creativity, and patience. I believe that the strict requirements of research will be very helpful in molding us into professionals who carry an aura of unrelenting determination and discipline. The good thing about research is that it demands so much from us thus, allowing us to venture and test our limits. With this, I believe we can become stronger individuals and competitive professionals. The rigid discipline needed for a successful research is the same rigid discipline needed for a successful career.

In a more practical light, and like what our professor says, there is money in research. Software developers, system analysts – these people earn relatively larger than people in other professions. However, if you are not that good in programming or technical stuff but still want to earn lots, then a career in research might be an option for you. It is amazing how much a company is willing to spend for a research project and how much they are willing to pay the person doing the research. Career-wise, research gives us room to grow. We grow not only in our attitude and discipline, but we can also grow or “step up” to the next level in our careers. I believe that having a good background in Research will allow us eventually to take off from being just the “employee” and move up the corporate ladder.

I can also see research playing a role in expanding our social network. Why? Gathering data for your research alone could allow you to meet different people who are interested in the same thing as you are. In my report about the Review of Related Literature, I said that a researcher’s network is very important. This is quite true especially if you encounter difficulties with your research and want someone to enlighten you. Your social network would definitely come in handy for this. It is not only limited to that because it also cultivates your own community and relationship with other people. Research is never a one-man team – a lot of people are involved with a single research, whether directly or indirectly.

For us in the technology field, research is a Pandora’s box of opportunities. What do you think is the cause of the rapid development of technology? Research, of course! Our increasingly demanding needs drive us to do research. Research, on the other hand, drives the improvement and advancement of everything we have now – from small gadgets to monstrous machinery and even from simple ideas to complex theories. We are the pioneers of technological advancement. Without continuous exploration in the field of research, it is impossible to improve and make technology evolve. All this taken into consideration, research allows us to become the pioneers of the future.

Research may sound like a scary thing to us now because of its high demand for our time, money, and effort but I believe that it comes with a lot of benefits for us in deciding our future career. To summarize what I wrote above, it is simply our Pandora’s box of knowledge, opportunities, and self-enlightenment.

We may also think that research is such a special thing, but I honestly think it is not at all. This is because even if we might not notice it, a simple search on Google can be considered as research so it is not really that special. However, research is multi-faceted. It excites me to think that there are a lot of problems around us that need solutions and that there many different ideas different people have to solve them. From this thought alone, I could say that Research is a rich, thriving and immortal discipline where knowledge is continuously sought after and cultivated.

You may think that what I wrote here are just pretty words made up for flattery but I have to say that they are heartfelt because I want to be a part of the group of people responsible for keeping our world on its feet. I look up to people who made successful researches and were able to contribute to the improvement of our society. Someday, I want to be the one being looked up to, too. Very Happy The career that I imagine I would have will most likely deal with finding solutions to the problems of an organization. But with research, the careers waiting for us in Information Technology or Computer Science will become a continuous uphill climb not only to solve a company’s problems alone but it will pave the way towards achieving our ultimate goal – to improve the quality of life.

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  1. My thoughts exactly..
    if you are really doing your research diligently..meaning reading all the articles carefully and having it as an interest of yours it will turn into something useful for oyu in your future career..
    what you learn along the way is what matter most.