Saturday, December 12, 2009

MCITS 2009

Kuya Jade and I were chosen to represent our school in the IT Olympiad Quiz Bowl in the recently concluded MCITS held at Holy Cross of Davao College. It was two days before the contest when our Dean requested our participation and that was how we came to participate in the Quiz Bowl.

On Friday, December 4, 2009, we went to attend the IT Olympiad Quiz Bowl without any will or intention to win. We did not prepare because there simply was not enough time and it was not as if we were aiming to get a place, anyway. Even our coach, Ma’am Maui, said not to expect and just do our best for the sake of participation. The quiz bowl was supposed to start at 8 am, I think, and when 8:00 came and went, I grew anxious. I grew anxious not because I was nervous but more so because I was a bit intimidated with the way the other contestants were studying so seriously. I could not help but think, “Damn, they really prepared for this.” I mean, they were already studying since we arrived there!

Seeing the situation we were in, Kuya Jade and I had a little “pep talk” about how we were going to go about the contest. Since it was short notice, we decided that it wouldn’t be too bad if we just got at least one point – that way it won’t be as embarrassing as walking away with none.

At around 9 am, the contest finally commenced, starting with a short “parade” of the contestants. There were approximately twenty (20) participating schools from all over Mindanao. Each team was made up of two members. The Quiz Bowl was composed of three rounds: Easy, Average, and Difficult. For the Easy round, there were ten (10) questions and each correct answer was worth one (1) point; for the Average round, ten questions worth two (2) points each; and for the Difficult round, five (5) questions worth three (3) points each. According to the Quiz Master, PhilNITS Davao sponsored the questions and, even though I was supposed to feel advantaged, that piece of information did nothing to lift my spirit.

Honestly, my knees started to wobble because of tension and because it was my first time participating in a Quiz Bowl. (Yep, it was my first time since grade school :D ) My unease escalated when I saw some familiar faces in the judges’ table: Dr. Randy Gamboa, current PSITE National President and one of our instructors in the University, and Engr. Loy Torres, PhilNITS -certified and our review instructor. God, they will be watching the whole time!

When the first question was flashed, I perked up a little because it was all too familiar – we were able to take it up during our PhilNITS review. The Easy round was over in no time and our team, and some other schools, was in the lead with nine (9) points. For the Average round, we answered all ten questions correctly, much to my disbelief. Finally, for the Difficult round, we got four (4) out of five questions.

All the time, I kept a stupid smile plastered on my face to hide the fact that I was actually freezing up inside. Standing up whenever we answered a question correctly put such a strain on my legs, which felt like they would give way beneath me anytime. Our schoolmates who came cheered loudly every time we got a correct answer and, like before, that only put more pressure on me. I do not know what Kuya Jade was feeling at that time because he just kept smiling, laughing along with me and I could say that we were the noisiest among the contestants.

Surprisingly enough, the IT Quiz Bowl ended in such an unexpected way, with us in the first place (41 points), ADDU in second (36 points), and UIC in third (forgot their final score). I cannot even begin to describe how I felt as cheers erupted from the crowd and people rushed over to congratulate us. I could not remember enough how many people I shook hands with or how many congratulations I have received. I just wished I could relive every single fleeting moment of that day. I wished I could forever keep the memory of people smiling and congratulating Kuya Jade and me for a job well done, the proud gestures – I felt a little dizzy with everything that happened. It was the first time that I received a LOT of attention.

When the program finally ended later that same day, I felt a strong emotion of not wanting it to end wash over me. It was then that I realized how terribly I missed the feeling of excitement, anxiety, nervousness, and thrill of participating in contests. Most of all, I realized how sinfully I savored the pride that I felt for having done something worthwhile. It was a first for our University to get a place in the annual IT quiz bowl and we were part of it.

Of course, when the host gave her final salutations and said, “See you next year”, with pride my mind screamed, “No, I am not looking forward to next year’s MCITS… BECAUSE I WILL BE GRADUATING NEXT YEAR!” :D

Disclaimer: I do not own the photos. Credits go to Ms. Karen Palero.


  1. wew! i'm surprised to know that it's your first time to join in a Quiz bowl..
    I think there were a lot of FIRSTs during that event.

    First time for you to join in a quiz bowl and to receive a LOT of attention.
    First for our University to get a place in the annual IT quiz bowl.. Champion pa jud!

    wew.. not to mention it's my (and most of my classmates) first time to attend MCITS..hehe

    YOu and Kuya Jade really made the USePians proud.

    Enough said. Congratulations and keep it up!

  2. thanks, ka! hehe.

    it was unexpected, really. i'm kind of glad it was me that was chosen to represent our school (with Kuya Jade, of course) :D

  3. congrats kate! :-) we are proud of you!!! i am now foreseeing your future... a very bright future... hehehe... keep it up kate!!! congrats!!!

  4. waaaahhhh!!!!!!!!! hope it's not too late! just a few weeks after the event. hmm, as usual, i was not connected to the virtual blogworld for a couple of days. whew. nevertheless, all-out congratz to kate and kuya jade for winning the event!!!

    i had a bad cough during the event but we can't help shouting and screaming and cheering the usepian reps! proudly. :-)