Wednesday, February 24, 2010

DTI TECHIE Training: Internet-Based Marketing (Final Day)

The first batch of trainees for the Phase 2 of DTI's TECHIE Training has now ended! Phase 2 is Promotion and Marketing: Internet-Based Marketing and the third day was spent learning about Blogging.

Below are some more pictures of the trainees (with the trainers, occasionally :D ):

I hope the participants had fun and learned from us. It is an honor to be able to share my knowledge about blogging to help these SMEs make their business grow.

For the second batch, I hope that we do an even better job of sharing our knowledge about technology to them. We have identified some areas of improvement and we hope that we can address them in the second batch. I also hope that we can form a comfortable bond with our trainees next time. :D


  1. hmm.. the training was great.. hope their will be another training.. they were so participative.. and i learned a lot.. hehehe... nice working with you kate...

  2. yep. i really did enjoy it. i'm looking forward to the next batch. hope we'll do a better job as the trainers. :D


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